Football, Pre/Game | September 11, 2014

Pre/Game: Marion Bulldogs @ CL Hawks 7:30pm Sept. 12th

Robert Woods running for 123 yards in game with Smithville

Robert Woods running for 123 yards in game with Smithville

Pre/Game:       Marion Bulldogs      @        CL Hawks      September 12th  7:30pm

 History: This will be the first meeting between the two schools.

 This Season Game Results:
 CL Hawks   07   Blanco      35      Marion Bulldogs   00   Yoakum        54
 CL Hawks   43   Smithville  14      Marion Bulldogs   07   Karnes City   13

Homecoming for CL is now beginning to be an event that graduated students are growing in number and the name is just what it needs to be a home coming.

The Hawks will play their second home game in a row and this will be another team that is struggling both offensively and defensively.

Canyon Lake will need to step up their intensity no matter their opponent as games like this will not be a true test for contests coming up over the horizon.

There is not a lot of things you can deduce from this Bulldog’s team offense as they have 159 total yards for that side of the ball. That comes out to 80 yards per game thus far.

Rushing or passing, it really does not matter as both sides are not humming.

Sophomore J.D. Raggio is their QB and he is also leading the team in rushing yardage. Raggio was inserted after the Bulldogs starting QB was injured in their first game.

What does CL need to do in games like this?

The little things will help.

Last week, Canyon Lake did not respond when the game started and allowed Smithville to have a good kick off return and then a drive for a score.

That will be something to watch for this week, because there will be teams on the schedule that can bury you when your start is lethargic.

Penalties….Canyon Lake has to get those miscues out of their play book for the same reason as mentioned above.

When you rush the ball 90% of the time a penalty can prove to be just too much yardage to make up. Long drives for the Hawks are needed to milk the clock and leave your opponent’s offense on the sideline.

There are parts of this offense that is not allowing the inside running game to jell.

Running back Hayden Dubois is averaging just 1.6 yards per carry and that same offense struggled with Blanco in that first game when making one yard was an adventure.

Put it simply, CL needs a total domination defensively and this team is a poster child for being able to accomplish this feat.

Little things will go a long way in seeing how this team will respond with better teams in their future schedule.