Football, Game Article | October 26, 2014

Bracken Warriors Blow Out Concordia, 69-0

BCS had a much needed blow out win over Pflugerville Concordia last Friday night, 69-0.

This win now set outs the last two games of Bracken’s regular season and how they finish will help in what type of team to play in that first round of playoff games.

Concordia is competing in their first year and the Bracken faithful can empathize with how a season that you think will never end.

The Warriors finished with one win that year, but had a little more on their plate as they played many team on their schedule very close in that campaign.

2006 First Year Close Games:
Game                Scores   Comment
SA Lutheran         48-44    Only win for season, was third game.
Temple Central      42-44    A win here would have evened their season.
Marble Falls Faith  28-37    Good game after being blown out in two previous battles.
CC Annapolis        54-58    Loss by four and most points scored as season finished.

Bracken Christian had just 17 offensive plays and six of those plays were called on the first drive on this night.

Four of those plays were was accomplished by passing the ball as Bracken would had Jeff Camp with the most receiving yardage in Bracken’s history by finishing with 138 for the game.

Senior Coy Zunker hitting machine.

Senior Coy Zunker hitting machine.

Grant Granato had 704 yards receiving during the 2010 season which also had 14 games played that year.

Camp has 475 yards this season and that number is the second best behind Granato. Camp has at least three more games to add to his total and if Camp can average a tad over 76 yards per game, then Granato would be looking up to see his name.

Bracken Christian was pretty efficient for the rest of this game as they had six one play drives by passing and running. Throw in a fumble return for a touchdown by Zunker then you can deduce that this game was not that competitive.

Concordia, to be fair, lost their start player starting the second quarter and that one loss pretty much did this first year club in as they just did not have anyone that could take his place.

Bracken’s Baylee Tremont had some time running after returning from his injury and responded with a respectable 46 yards with one run covering 23 yards for a score.

Zunker has now caught five passes in his career and has scored on four of those tosses. In this game Zunker had his longest play covering 41 yards to paydirt.

Zunker also finished with 15 tackles, which out distanced all the other Warriors as this young man is a heat seeking machine when playing defense.

A lot of players got rest or played different positions in this affair and hopefully giving those players a chance to get a feel of different ways to get involved with this year’s remaining games.

Kerrville OLH will be next on the docket and this would be an upset if Bracken can bring their ‘A’ game and pull out a win.

OLH would be considered a rivalry game as these two schools have been in the same district starting in their 2008 season.

Bracken has scored more than 70 points eight times and three of those games have come against the Hawks.

 Games with 70 or more Points scored by Bracken:
 Opponent            Year     Score      Winner
 Seguin Lifegate     2008     70-06      Warriors
 Tomball Rosehill    2008     72-37      Warriors
 SA The Winston      2009     74-14      Warriors
 Kerrville OLH       2010     71-62      Warriors
 Kerrville OLH       2010     76-70      Warriors
 CASA                2011     74-06      Warriors
 Kerrville OLH       2011     79-34      Warriors
 Gustine             2012     98-56      Warriors

“We will not be favored in our next game,” Coach Fields said. “In our district we have played two teams that are struggling and two teams that will be in the final four.”

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Christian.

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Christian.

“This is a growing process and you see our younger players growing after each game,” Coach Fields said admirably. “Cristian (DeLeon) is only the third freshman to start on both offense and defense in Bracken’s history….and (Brady) Beene has come 1000 miles with his game maturity since we started practicing in August…he is playing like a seasoned Junior now.”

That is good since Bracken does not have any Juniors playing on this season’s squad.

Bracken has battled all year in trying to stay injury free and will now go into their last two regular season games to give them a chance to have a chance of playing more games.

BCS will have to break that nasty home losing streak of two games as this will be the Warriors last home game.

Go Warriors!!

                           1   2   3   4   Final
 Bracken Christian        28  41   x   x   69
 Pflugerville Concordia    0   0   x   x   00
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Jeff Camp 22 yard pass from Noah Boriack (DeLeon pass from Beene), 7:42, 1st
 BCS-Coy Zunker 41 yard pass from Noah Boriack (Camp pass from Beene), 5:54, 1st
 BCS-Noah Boriack 40 yard run (Jeff Camp pass from Brady Beene), 3:12, 1st
 BCS-Jeff Camp 58 yard pass from Boriack (Boriack pass from Brady Beene), 0:00, 1st
 BCS-Coy Zunker 19 yard fumble return (Jeff Camp pass from Brady Beene), 9:49, 2nd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 5 yard pass from Brady Beene (Boriack pass from Beene), 8:24, 2nd
 BCS-Cristian DeLeon 30 yard pass from Brady Beene (DeLeon pass from Beene), 8:10, 2nd
 BCS-Noah Boriack 5 yard run (Baylee Tremont run), 7:53, 2nd
 BCS-Baylee Tremont 23 yard run (Zack Fasenmeyer run), 6:41, 2nd
 BCS-Baylee Tremont 18 yard run (pass failed), 4:20, 2nd

 Game Stats            Concordia        Warriors
 Total Yards           55               297
 First Downs           3                8
 Rushing/Yards         12/-3            9/117
 Comp/Att/Int          9/20/0           8/8/0
 Passing Yards         58               180
 Punts/Average         0/0              0/0
 Fumbles/Lost          4/3              0/0
 Penalties-Yards       2-15             3-20

 Passing               Comp  Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Noah Boriack          6     6   1.000   145   0    3
 Brady Beene           2     2   1.000    35   0    2

 Rushing               Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Noah Boriack          4    63   15.8   40   2
 Baylee Tremont        3    46   15.3   23   2
 Thomas Johnson        2     8    4.0    4   0

 Receiving             No   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Jeff Camp             5    138   27.6   58   2
 Coy Zunker            1     42   41.0   41   1
 Cristian DeLeon       2     35   17.5   30   2