Coaches Corner, Football | October 9, 2014

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, was there a difference in this week’s of practices after losing your first game last week?

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Coach Fields: “No difference, this is probably the most unemotional group of players that I have ever had at Bracken…they are very workmanlike. These guys are in survival mold and are just fortunate that they are still playing.”

The ReSporter: You mention the number of players you have, what does that do for the players as they are playing, in many cases, the whole game?

Coach Fields: “There is no middle ground with these players. They are unscathed….their lack of numbers is starting to catch up with then but this is a new era in Bracken as we have many players that are just trying to stay healthy. This is all we got and the younger players are all trying.”

The ReSporter: How are you approaching this week’s game with New Braunfels Christian?

Coach Fields: “If we can win this next game then that will almost guarantee another winning season for Bracken. We would be 5-1 and there are a lot of teams that will not make that goal of games won this season. So, this is a game that they will have to take care of business.”

The ReSporter: With the number of players you have, how do you practice when you don’t have enough players to put on both sides of the ball?

Coach Fields: “We have not had this few of players since I have been at Bracken and so we have three garbage cans on the field to represent the team we will be playing. We don’t have any contact during the week since we can’t afford an injury….you do what you have to do.”

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Bracken Christian from a former 6-Man Football player.

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Bracken Christian from a former 6-Man Football player.

The ReSporter: How do you approach your week of practices when you are down with your number of players?

Coach Fields: “We have a lot of players that are practicing or playing out of their natural position. It becomes a patch work situation with having to prepare the players for more than one position.

We might have one of our best receivers taking snaps as a quarterback…we don’t have any contact, we don’t even have blocking during the week.”

The ReSporter: What is your overall thinking as you approach the middle of you district schedule?

Coach Fields: “You have to give this group of kids tons of credit….with what they have to work with and still having a don’t quit attitude….they have definitely been dealt a short stick. We will make the playoffs and that is all they are focused on.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach good luck this week!!