Coaches Corner, Football | October 16, 2014

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Freshman Christian DeLeon ready for taking action against Castle Hills

Freshman Christian DeLeon ready for taking action against Castle Hills

The ReSporter: You have another top team coming to Bracken this Friday.

Coach Fields: “Yeah, they are the defending State Champion and we have everything to gain and nothing to lose….we just need to go and play football.”

The ReSporter: Facing Austin Veritas and Castle Hills gives you a perspective on two of the premier teams in your division…

Coach Fields: “I would pay to see the game between those two school’s game. I would say that Veritas just has more weapons….Castle Hills is very talented but their supporting cast is just not as strong as what I have seen in the Veritas team.”

The ReSporter: So, tell us what Bracken will need to do in the game Friday night with Castle Hills?

Coach Fields: “We will need to do three things in this game.
(1) We will need to try and slow the game down and keep their offense off the field.
(2) Also, need to slow down of defense and have some different looks for their superstar running back.
(3) Basically play the best that we can but more than anything else is improve our fielding the onside kick. Castle Hills is very good with those and after our game with Veritas we will need to have that part of our game taken care of.”

The ReSporter: How are your players health wise for this game?

Coach Fields: “We have Brady Beene back and that came as good news for Jeff Camp who field in for Brady last week. I think Jeff is the happiest player in practice this week.Of the 11 players we have suited up this year, seven of those players have played hurt or missed games because of injuries.”

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Football

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Football

The ReSporter: That is pretty impressive on how well they have played.

Coach Fields: “They have never quit…we wear pads just to have them getting used to wearing pads during the week. You can’t block or tackle trash cans and when you have two coaches helping be playing on the scout team, then you have to give these players some kudos.”

“If this team makes the playoffs and wins a playoff game then it would be a bigger story than the 26 game winning streak we had a few years back.”

The ReSporter: Tell us more about Castle Hills and their running back. I remember him during your scrimmage two years ago and how he had that, ‘wow’, factor.

Coach Fields: “He runs, kicks, punts, plays defense when the team needs a stop, and drives the bus. He pretty much does it all.

Their passing game is not vertical, but they do have some good receivers, this team would remind our fans of those years when we had Grady Achilles running in the backfield.”

The ReSporter: Tells us about the Castle Hills defense.

Coach Fields: “They are good…they don’t have any superstars playing there like they have on offense….all of their players are equal in ability and are good solid football players.”

The ReSporter: Any final thoughts on the game this Friday?

Coach Fields: “We feel honored to have a chance to play the Defending State Champion in Bracken and we expect a big crowd.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, The ReSporter will try to get news to the Bulverde police to look for a Castle Hills Bus and have their Driver taken in since we know he would not be approved for driving a Bus of players to a football game…that should help your chances.