Coaches Corner, Football | October 30, 2014

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of this week’s game with Kerrville OLH.Coach Lloyd Fields

Coach Fields: “Both teams are going to score a bunch of points….this series has produced some high scoring affairs and I don’t see this week’s game being any different.”

The ReSporter: Give me an idea about how good OLH is if they were held to just six points in their loss to Fredericksburg Heritage?

Coach Fields: “Their super back was not playing in that game, he was injured, he is #2 and is very good back and can be hard to get to defensively.”

The ReSporter: What else do you know about this player?

Coach Fields: “He is a better passer than runner, but he will make you pay either way.”

The ReSporter: How have your practices been going this week?

Coach Fields: “We have some beat up kids and during this time of the year, it just becomes a numbers game with who you have to play with.”

The ReSporter: What else can you tell us about this OLH team?

Coach Fields: “This is the best OLH team since the 2010 season, we will score more than 14 points and we will be able to score some points.”

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Christian.

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Christian.

The ReSporter: This will be Senior night at Bracken, does events like that tend to hurt your teams performance when the game finally gets started?

Coach Fields: “Not really, our players have been pretty business like and especially this year’s group…they don’t get up or down very much…they know what they need to do and put their game first.”

The ReSporter: You are in the playoffs, so what are your goals in these last two regular season games?

Coach Fields: “This is the time of year that you prepare and try to stay sharp, it is important that we play our last two games where we compete for a whole game….we can’t lose like our games with Castle Hills and Austin Veritas.”

“This will be a high scoring on both sides of the field and we to come out of this game healthy, since I have been at Bracken we have not lost two regular season games in a row and our team needs to compete at a high level and finish well.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach good luck with the Hawks from Kerrville.