Coaches Corner, Football | October 30, 2014

Coaches Corner with Canyon Lake’s Charley Drum

Coaches Corner with Canyon Lake’s Charley Drum

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, you have mentioned how each of the district games are like rounds in a boxing

Head Coach Charley Drum

Head Coach Charley Drum

match. How do you motivate your team when this next round is with a team that has not won a game this year?

Coach Drum: “First of all, Taylor is in the same shoes we were in last year when we entered district play without a win and lost our first game with Fredericksburg. We fought our way back into the playoffs and so our players need to realize this team is fighting like we did last season. Also, in Taylor’s game with Liberty Hill, they almost won that game and so they will realize that this team has the ability to beat us if we aren’t ready.”

The ReSporter: The team has certainly cut down on those turnovers in their last few games….is this something that you have emphasized or was a lot of those problems was just the weather and wet ball?

Coach Drum: “We will need to have execution and many times it is just a mental thing….so, we need to keep that part of our game with taking care of the ball.”

The ReSporter: Your last two games, the team has had three kick-off returns for touchdowns, I noticed your new alignment on kick-offs and it seems like the team is waiting for a call from the sideline just like they were going to run an offensive play.

Coach Drum: “We addressed our Special Teams during our ‘Bye’ week and you mentioned Adams and DeVries, but Schuller almost had a return and scored on it when he got the ball on a kick-off.”

The ReSporter: You are right, Schuller just missed a touchdown return too…Adams said that Coach Moses told the team that they were going to get a return that week….

Coach Drum: “Coach Moses says that every week….”

The ReSporter: Matt Adams is fast, why haven’t I seen him on the track team?



Gordon the Plumber Supports CL Hawks

Gordon the Plumber Supports CL Hawks

Coach Drum: “He has been playing soccer, but we need to get him over to the track team for some races this year…”

The ReSporter: Adams has been a pleasant surprise this year as he led the team in tackles last week too.

Coach Drum: “That is what make football fun, when you can find a player that by his size you would not think he would be someone that would help and now we have a player that is 140 pounds and hits like he is 170 pounds.”

The ReSporter: Last week, CL had a chance to have three players hit the 100 yard milestone, what does that do for your offense?

Coach Drum: “It is really hard to shut down the whole backfield as we found out in our game with Liberty Hill…we shut down their back that had the most yardage this year but was hurt by another back in our game. What we can do better than Liberty Hill is pass and that will help us in our other games.”

The ReSporter: You are on a two game district winning streak now how does effect the team as they continue with their next two games?

Coach Drum: “We are excited as our win last week put us in a good position of making the playoffs and if we can win this week we will clinch a spot and then play Boerne for a chance of finishing in second place in district.”

“We can take advantage of this situation especially with our Seniors playing their last home game….but it will be great if we can get a playoff berth early and then we can control our own destiny.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, is it Duck season yet?