Coaches Corner, Football | October 24, 2014

Coaches Corner with the Hawks Charley Drum

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions….How many total yards have you thought that would mean the Hawks had a good offensive game?

Head Coach Charley Drum

Head Coach Charley Drum

Coach Drum: “We feel if we can get reach 300 yards or more then we have had a decent outing. If we have 250 yards of rushing then that will give us a good chance for a win.”

The ReSporter: In your game last week you did not reach that goal for total yardage yet you still put a ‘W’ on the record sheet.

Coach Drum: “We did some good things with other parts of our game like our Special Teams and Defense…Cody (Thompson) and Tommy (Clark) both played good games last week….Tommy has been one of our most consistent players and those interceptions were a key to that win.”

The ReSporter: You will be facing a team this week that might have a carbon copy of the same type of quarterback you faced with Bandera…Kyle Reeh has had to come in to replace Kyle Grona who was hurt earlier this year…

Coach Drum: “We don’t know who will be the quarterback on Friday, Grona was suited up last week but did not play. Their offense has revolved around the quarterback and Reeh has had some good rushing games recently…..we will be ready and have prepared for whoever they have on the field.”

The ReSporter: What does a loss to a quarterback mean to a team?

Coach Drum: “For a team like Fredericksburg, they like to pass and they will have good athletes and they have an offense that starts with the QB and it is a little tougher for them than it would be for us…just based on the type of offense that is run.”

The ReSporter: In your past two district games you have played polar opposite teams in how they play offense with an all run all the time team in Liberty Hill and a pass as many times as you can offense with Bandera. Now you will have a team that can do both, how has those two games prepared Canyon Lake for the game on Friday?

Coach Drum: “We played well against both mainly because we are more physical up front than we were last year….for Taylor, they remind us of us last season with their record but knowing that they really are not that bad of a football team. We have experience and gave up a bunch of yards last week but we still found a way to win.”

The ReSporter: Fredericksburg does not have just one receiver that is their ‘go to’ player….how do you assess their receivers?

Coach Drum: “They will get the ball to their receivers off a play action game and they will also have their backs coming out of the backfield for passes…they like to spread it out and that would explain why they have so many players that can catch and we will have to be ready for.”

The ReSporter: The team has really cut down on those turnovers which, I’m sure has been the reason you had a chance to beat Liberty Hill and a win over Bandera….have you done anything different with the players on those type of mistakes?

Coach Drum: “That is really a mental thing, but we have done some drills to address that.”

The ReSporter: Give us a, ‘what needs to be done in order to leave Fredericksburg with a win’, on Friday night.

Coach Drum: “We already talked about one and that would be turnovers and we have also been better in reducing our penalties. We also need to be more consistent with our passing game and to be sure that remains a threat.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, good luck this week!