Coaches Corner, Volleyball | October 15, 2014

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kimberley Paisley

Addison Farley going for a kill in Canyon Lake's game with Yoakum

Addison Farley going for a kill in Canyon Lake’s game with Yoakum

The ReSporter: Congrats on your game tonight…here are some questions for our next Coaches Corner.

Coach Paisley: “Thank you!!!! It was a fun match!!! We needed this match. Everyone got to play, everyone played well and stayed at our level…even with the change up in liberos and lineups!!! We were strong last night.”

The ReSporter: Navarro game will be a playoff game atmosphere for your group this Friday. What are you wanting to see in your team as they take the Panthers on?

Coach Paisley: “I expect us to come out strong and ready to play. We need to remind Navarro that WE are in second place and will remain undefeated against them this season!!!”

The ReSporter: How would you assess this team as you have seen them from their first game with Schertz to the Gonzales game?

Coach Paisley: “This varsity group has stayed thirsty from the beginning of season and until this point. We need to continue and carry this thirst into the playoffs. I always say we start strong, stay strong, and will finish strong!”

The ReSporter: As you go through the second round of games in District 26-4A, do you change anything up knowing that opposing teams will change how they attack based on their previous game?

Coach Paisley: “I would say we keep doing what we are doing!! It’s working, we are winning!”

The ReSporter: Based on the previous question, do you change things up when you play a team for the second time? Is it different if you won or lost in that previous encounter, on how you play in that second game?

Coach Paisley: “How we prepare for our matches…
We watch film on opponents or other teams similar to our opponents.
We keep “Notebooks” that serve as a great tool for writing down
-our team strengths and weaknesses
-our opponents strengths and weaknesses
-and any team adjustments that we need to make to be better the second round or defeat our opponent the 2nd round”

The ReSporter: How bad would this team beat last year’s team? (you don’t have to answer this one) if you don’t want it printed then I won’t but I would still like to know your thoughts….wink…wink…

Coach Paisley: “I will not comment….wink wink :)”

The ReSporter: Based on that last question, as you have been to two schools not counting Canyon Lake…what has been the year that school caught on to your style of coaching and bought into what you were trying to get out of the girls?

Coach Paisley: “I feel that being at HUGE basketball schools in Alice and Smithville, it was easy for me to captivate the girls into the volleyball programs, because…

1.) Each school had a great girls coordinator/head basketball coach and I truly respected and believed in their philosophy. So taking what worked for them and what made them so successful in their 25-30 years at Alice and Smithville, and incorporating it in volleyball is what helped me be successful with running my programs.

2.) Each school was behind in the volleyball world, and needed some new drills, and new….guidance.”

The ReSporter: Final Question: I saw you studying each Sub-Varsity team tonight, what do you look for in those players as they compete in those games?

Coach Paisley: “I am looking for who is ready for next year, who has the potential to get better, who wants to get better, who is coachable, who does the little things (such as: be on time, has the right equipment, helps with setting up/take down equipment, attitude, body language).”

“The list goes on :)”

The ReSporter: What is your overall thoughts on those two teams as both have winning records?

Coach Paisley: “The Freshmen are 5-3 and the JV is 7-1…we have very competitive group of athletes!! A good core of 4 players from each team, that play quite a bit, got after it in the preseason and worked very hard to improve from last year to this year. If we can get everyone (the dream of every coach), or at least a core of 5 players from each grade level to be so solid…our teams will continue to be successful!!”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach…good luck this Friday!!!! Go Hawks!!!

Coach Paisley: “Thank you Don!!! Let me know if there is anything else I can do.”

The ReSporter: A win this Friday over Navarro would be all I would want…a win helps in making my articles have more visits.