Football, Game Article | October 16, 2014

Hawk’s Freshman Take Best Rides in Win over Bandera, 42-0

Canyon Lake's Freshman squad taking it all in after, 42-0 win over Bandera

Canyon Lake’s Freshman squad taking it all in after, 42-0 win over Bandera

Canyon Lake unleashed a secret weapon on Bandera which happened to be an undercover player that at one time lived in Bandera and is now a member of Hawk’s Freshman class.

Tanner Faris (the Bandera transfer student) brought everything to this game but a Faris Wheel as he spun the Bulldogs all around the field with runs, catches, interceptions, you name it he was part of the action.

“We wanted to have him (Faris) have more chances to play against his buddies,” Coach Greene said. “He scored when he busted his route and then came open.”

Coach Greene was speaking of the 68 yard pass and catch Faris had early in this game.

This carnival had the vendors going home empty handed as Canyon Lake won everything on this midway.

The Hawks had the ball six times and scored on every possession and where they started with the ball did not matter.

“We like to spread it out and get everyone a chance to score,” Head Freshman Coach Bill Greene started. “We have good skill people.”

Bandera Ex-Tanner Faris after taking a ride on the Faris Wheel

Bandera Ex-Tanner Faris after taking a ride on the Faris Wheel

With 60 yards of penalties the Hawks were able to get 60 more yards of offense. That is called domination.

Explosive plays are identified with plays that have 10 yards or more made on any given play.

This game had the Hawks with 21 total offensive snaps and 10 of those plays had more than 10 yards and two of those plays were cut short because the runners yardage ceased to count since that player had passed the goal line for a score.

Oh yeah, that 68 yard pass play? It was the wrong route that was executed….result? Touchdown.

Defensively, Canyon Lake gave up eight first downs but four of those first downs was a result of a Hawk penalty.

Faris? He contributed some tackles with lost yardage while chipping in with an interception.

“During the day I did not know what to expect,” Faris said while commenting on playing his friends from Bandera. “After a couple of plays I started to calm down and it became just a game….We had been running some plays on how to cover their screen pass in practice and we had a little better idea of what they might do.”

A spy can be a great help for teams as Canyon Lake is working on finding players from other cities to get some more good ideas of what teams will run offensively and defensively.

Bandera almost had more yardage via a penalty on CL than yardage gained.

Texas Country RV supports Canyon Lake's Freshman team!

Texas Country RV supports Canyon Lake’s Freshman team!

“We played sloppy and we need to play with more class,” Coach Greene closed in response to those penalties.

You get the idea, Canyon Lake’s Freshman team is pretty good.

A running clock for the last quarter gives you an idea of how much this group of players are taking things in laser like focus.

A tie in Wimberley earlier this season has motivated this club to jump out and not look back, last week Canyon Lake had a 38 point lead over Liberty Hill.

Canyon Lake did have some problems with the penalty part of this game and against other teams that might be a stat that could be set back.

Fun team to watch play and sit back to see which player will be that next player to break a long run, get a sack, etc.

Average number of plays on drives was 3.5…ok…The ReSporter will get technical for those wanting to know:

Drive    Started      Yards   Plays   Explosive Plays   Final Play
#1       36 yd line    64       5           2           Ben Fulton 6 yard run 
#2       20 yd line    80       3           2           Tanner Faris 68 yd reception
#3       49 yd line    49       1           1           Parker Reno 49 yard run
#4       40 yd lin     60       4           1           Tanner Faris 8 yard run
#5       33 yd line    67       5           2           Micah St. John 43 yard run
#6       33 yd line    33       4           2           Joseph Ruiz 23 yard run

Canyon Lake will have a chance to continue this year when the carnival will go on the road to Fredericksburg next week.

What ride will be the most fun? Come and find out, there are so many rides to choose from.

                     1   2   3   4   Final
 Bandera Freshman    0   0   0   0   00
 CL Hawks Freshman  15  13   7   7   42
 Scoring Summary:
 CLH-Ben Fulton 6 yard run (pat failed), 6:11, 1st
 CLH-Tanner Faris 68 yard pass from Will Joyner (Luke Justis run), 0:15, 1st
 CLH-Parker Reno 49 yard run (Luke Justis run), 5:48, 2nd
 CLH-Tanner Faris 8 yard run (pat failed), 0:25, 2nd
 CLH-Micah St. John 43 yard run (Luke Justis kick), 4:05, 3rd
 CLH-Joseph Ruiz 23 yard run (Luke Justis kick), 6:15, 4th

 Game Stats         Bulldogs      Hawks
 Total Yards        78            363
 First Downs        8             10
 Rushes/Yards       29/53         20/295
 Comp/Att/Int       3/7/1         1/1/0
 Passing Yards      25            68
 Punts/Average      1/37.0        0/0
 Fumbles/Lost       0/0           2/0
 Penalties-Yards    0/0           5-60
 TOP                28:11         7:49

 Passing            Comp  Att   Pct   Yds  Int  TD
 Will Joyner        1     1   1.000   68   0    1

 Rushing            Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Tanner Faris       4     92   23.0   45   1
 Micah St. John     7     70   10.0   43   1
 Parker Reno        2     49   24.5   49   1
 Will Joyner        2     38   19.0   22   0
 Joseph Ruiz        1     23   23.0   23   1
 Ben Fulton         2     13    6.5    7   1
 Ross Snowden       1     10   10.0   10   0
 Anthony Ozuna      1      0    0.0    0   0

 Receiving          No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Tanner Faris       1    68   68.0   68   1