Football, Game Article | October 24, 2014

Mountain Valley 8th A Team Runs Over Freddie, 46-0

Another running clock and another game being played by Mountain Valley’s 8th A squad when they put a hurt on Fredericksburg winning, 46-0.

Mountain Valley's 8A Victory Run after Win over Fredericksburg

Mountain Valley’s 8A Victory Run after Win over Fredericksburg

This game would have some more runners with a chance of showing off some of their skills as Connor Rose and Landry Moore both averaged over 12 yards per carry and accounted for four touchdowns.

“We had not played much and this was the first game we could show that we were tough enough,” Rose said.

“I wanted to show that I was true asset,” Moore said with the same resolve as Rose earlier.

Mountain Valley scored on seven of their eight times with the ball.

That one time a score was not a result? The Hawks had just two plays as they were running out the first half clock.

 Mountain Valley's Drives:
Drive   # of plays  yds traveled  explosive plays             last play
#1            3        53         (2) 10 & 33 (Lorett, Rose)  33 yd run for Rose
#2            1        24         (1) 24 (Moore)              24 yd run for Moore
#3            7        67         (2) 29 & 12 (Lorett, Rose)   7 yd run for Rose
#4            5        36         (1) 11 (Chacon)              8 yard run for Lorett
#5            2        20         (1) 13 (Lorett)                Half Time
#6            6        32         (2) 12 & 11 (Lorett, Rose)   2 yd run for Harris
#7            2        56         (2) 25 & 31 (Ruff, Lorett)  31 yd run for Lorett
#8            1         8         (0)                          8 yd run for Moore

You can deduce that this team is loaded with running backs and of course those same running backs would tell you they are only as good as their offensive line blocking for them.

Running Backs Landry Moore and Connor Rose with Defensive wreaking ball, Dylan Forehand after win over Billies.

Running Backs Landry Moore and Connor Rose with Defensive wreaking ball, Dylan Forehand after win over Billies.

“Obviously our offensive line is doing well,” Coach Pawelek said. “We keep driving sleds in practice and stay low and they are driving their man off the ball.”

Take some time to digest this little stat.

The Billies had 23 runs for a grand total of 10 yards of real estate. That averaged out to almost 1/2 yard per carry.

The Hawks had 26 runs for a grand total of 297 yards of real estate. That averaged out to 11.4 yards per carry.

Which parcel of land would you think was worth more for your hard earned money? Three of those runs for MV was cut short only because the yard line they started from with the ball was less than 10 yards before a score.

This is a common occurrence for this Mountain Valley’s team this season as they continue to wreak havoc on opponents this season.

Games that The ReSporter has covered this year tells the tale of the tape.

 Opponent         Yards Gained        Yards Defensed
 Lampasas             248                 181
 Lago Vista           206                   3
 Liberty Hlll         215                  71
 Fredericksburg       297                  19

Also understand that this team only has eight minute quarters giving you an idea of how the offense is going crazy, but you can also realize of how much the Hawk defense is shutting teams down.

The Billies 19 yards of offense was another dominant game for MV defense. Three of those teams above could not break into the three number numbers….that was kind of fun to type.

Dylan Forehand was one of many players on the defense that had their way with the Billies in this game.

“I saw a couple of people underneath me, so I just jumped over them,” Forehand said like a foreman on his sack. “When I got to him, I just wanted to get him to the ground….I want to be three times better against Boerne.”

Mountain Valley will end this year playing Boerne twice just like the two game set with Liberty Hill was played two weeks ago.

“We are in good shape in having a chance to win district,” Head Coach Brandon Pawelek said. “Last year Boerne changed up their defense in the second game against us, so either way they want to play us we will have an answer for them.”

Those games will give you a good idea of how this team has improved from last season, as the Greyhounds was one team that beat this Hawk team last year when they had a two game series.

Go Mountain Valley Hawks!!

                      1   2   3   4   Final
 Fredericksburg 8A    0   0   0   0   00
 Mountain Valley 8A  12  15  13   6   46
 Scoring Summary:
 MV8A-Connor Rose 33 yard run (pat failed), 6:58, 1st
 MV8A-Landry Moore 24 yard run (pat failed), 6:05, 1st
 MV8A-Connor Rose 7 yard run (Landry Moore run), 7:53, 2nd
 MV8A-Trenton Lorett 8 yard run (Trenton Lorett kick), 4:24, 2nd
 MV8A-Cooper Harris 2 yard run (pat failed), 4:25, 3rd
 MV8A-Trenton Lorett 31 yard run (Trenton Lorett kick), 1:15, 3rd
 MV8A-Landry Moore 8 yard run (pat failed), 4:51, 4th

 Game Stats             Billies     Hawks
 Total Yards            19          297
 First Downs            3           13
 Rushes/Yards           23/10       26/297
 Comp/Att/Int           3/7/0       0/0/0
 Passing Yards          9           0
 Punts/Average          2/22.0      0/0
 Fumbles/Lost           3/2         0/0
 Penalties-Yards        0/0         1-15

 Rushing                Att   Yds   Ave    Lg   TD
 Trenton Lorett         8     110   13.8   31   2
 Connor Rose            5      70   14.0   33   2
 Landry Moore           5      61   12.5   34   2
 Jacob Ruff             3      37   12.3   25   0
 Tristan Chacon         4      17    4.3   11   0
 Cooper Harris          1       2    2.0    2   1