Football, Game Article | October 17, 2014

MV Hawks 7A Squad Has Pancake Sale in Win over LH, 8-0

Mountain Valley 7th A team did not waste any time in their win over Liberty Hill, last Thursday night at the Hawk Stadium winning, 8-0.

Nash Young and Derek Peters thinking about ordering a Short Stack

Derek Peters and Nash Young thinking about ordering a Short Stack

An opening drive for 85 yards with 19 plays while converting three fourth downs was all it took to take the sails from this Panther team.

Ethan Slater ran the last four yards on that first drive and for all they knew at the time, a win, with that touchdown.

MV did not let Liberty Hill have the ball until there was just 1:28 left on the second quarter clock.

No, the drive did not last that long but the Hawks executed an on-side kick twice in this game and that allowed the visitors just five plays from scrimmage in that first half.

It was a three for one evening as MV had 39 plays to Liberty Hill’s 13 and a 21 to 7 minute advantage on the game clock.

Mountain Valley could have had trash cans on the field to represent their defense based on playing so few of downs.

The Hawks started the second half with another successful on-side kick and after this drive stalled on the Liberty Hill 12 yard line, MV had run 33 plays to the Panthers having just five times to huddle.

“I try to get under the ball and I practice the on-side kick at practice,” Nash Young said. “I play soccer and so that has helped.”

This game was still way from over as LH ran eight plays to the Hawk’s 49 yard line when the Hawk defensive line clamped down on the Panthers.

What did the Hawks do next? With 4:28 left on the fourth quarter clock, another seven play Hawk drive, that ended with a victory formation for a win.

One play that stuck out in this win and drive was a fourth and 13 yard play needed to keep the chains moving.

This was the 12th play of that first drive and up to this point, MV had just one play that was for 11 yards on a run by Nick Rivera while the other runs were more in the 1-6 yard gains.

QB Kyle Yuill stood strong in the pocket as he waited for Cody Kline to get open on his receiving route.

That was when a pancake block that would have made IHOP go purchase Waffle House because that is what this Panther player looked like after being planted into the turf.

Derek Peters was the gardener/cook on this play as he just swallowed up the Liberty Hill player with his block.

Meanwhile, with that extra time, Yuill found Kline for a 15 yard pass play and a new set of downs.

“I have a low center of gravity and I just got low and started up.” Peters cooked up.

On what he thought after the block? “Holy Cow,” Peters said while he picked up what was planted earlier in the day. “It feels special to help the team like that.”

That turned out to be the play of the game as Mountain Valley would ride that touchdown drive, while running their on-side kick to perfection.

The best defense in this game turned out to be keeping the Panther offense on the sideline watching.

While the Hawks just watched to see when their Pancakes would be ready. Good Eating!! Go Hawks!!

                  1  2  3  4   Final
 Liberty Hill 7A  0  0  0  0   0
 Mtn. Valley 7A   0  8  0  0   8
 Scoring Summary:
 MV7A-Ethan Slater 4 yard run (Kyle Yuill run), 4:12, 2nd

 Game Stats         Panthers      Hawks
 Total Yardage      66            148
 First Downs        3             9
 Rush/Yards         13/66         37/124
 Comp/Att/Int       0/0           2/2/0
 Passing Yards      0             24
 Punts/Average      0/0           0/0
 Fumbles/Lost       0/0           1/0
 Penalties-Yards    2-10          1-5
 TOP                7:05          20:55

 Passing            Comp  Att   Ave   Yds  Int  TD
 Kyle Yuill         2     2   1.000   24   0    0

 Rushing            Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Nick Rivera        10    49    4.9   25   0
 Ethan Slater       12    49    4.1    8   1
 Daniel Neel         7    11    1.6    7   0
 Nelson Madera       3     7    2.3    4   0
 Kyle Yuill          2    -4   -2.0   --   0

 Receiving          No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Cody Kline         2    24   12.0   15   0