Football, Game Article | October 31, 2014

MV Hawks 8A Team Quiets Boerne, 39-6

Team photo of MV 8A Team after win over Boerne

Team photo of MV 8A Team after win over Boerne

Mountain Valley Hawks 8th A team averaged over 11 yards per play as they ran away from the Greyhounds, 39-6 on Thursday night at Hawk Stadium.

Of the 34 plays from scrimmage, 16 plays went over 10 yards of real estate as the Greyhounds found out that a Hawk can run like a Roadrunner.

Last year, MV 8A team lost one game and it was against this Boerne club. If the casual fan did not notice, Mountain Valley was still stinging from that game and wanted to make amends.

(Amen)ds were indeed made as the Hawks finished their prayer over Boerne by also saying Amen.

“We needed to win this game tonight,” Jacob Ruff said smoothly.

Ruff was just as ruthless whether he was playing linebacker or running back.

“I like to hit, but I like both sides of the ball equally,” Ruff said like a politician. “But anytime I see a chance to make a hit, then I am going to take my shot.”

Another Hawk that plays like the Tazmanian Devil on both sides of the ball is Trenton Lorett, “This is district and we were going to give it our all.”

But don’t forget that ‘D’, because Mountain Valley only allowed one fluke pass play to go the distance as a tipped ball that could have been intercepted bounced off a Hawk’s hands into a Greyhound that finished the run and scored Boerne’s only touchdown on this night.

Boerne finished with 76 total yards and 61 of those yards were on that one pass play.

A little math will reveal that Boerne ran another 20 plays on this night and accumulated only 15 total yards for the night.

Defense against Boerne
Drive Start          Plays  Tot Ydge  End of Drive             Score
Boerne's 42 yd line   4      -3       Punt for 54 yards        0-0
Boerne's 43 yd line   4       4       Turnover on downs        6-0 Hawks
Boerne's 38 yd line   5      16       Int by Glowka           13-0 Hawks
Boerne's 30 yd line   2       2       Grayson Lee sack & Fum  20-0 Hawks
Boerne's 36 yd line   4      -7       Punt after Siegman sack 26-0 Hawks
Boerne's 38 yd line   3      62       Fluke pass play         33-6 Hawks
Boerne's 33 yd line   4       3       Punt for 33 yards       39-6 Hawks

One time Boerne was able to cross the midfield stripe and that was on that pass play that was almost intercepted by Lorett.

Total domination of a team that could boast of winning a game a year before against this same group of players.

Trenton Lorett, Jacob Ruff, Cooper Harris, and Austin Rodriguez

Trenton Lorett, Jacob Ruff, Cooper Harris, and Austin Rodrigue

Less than one yard per play, certainly speaks volumes for this defensive unit as this Greyhound was getting fed at the Buffet line while the Hawks were flying all over the place.

The score would have been even worse if J. C. Glowka’s interception would have stood up for a score.

Glowka had nothing but daylight in front of him as he caught up with Daylight’s Savings time three days before this Saturday when the clocks will go back an hour.

That would have been a nightmare for Boerne as going back another hour and playing this game would certainly make for a night to forget.

Forget was not in the cards for Mountain Valley as that painful loss last season was finally vindicated in a big way.

Loneliest position for Mountain Valley is their punter. Who is the punter?

The Hawks had eight possessions and scored on six of those drives.

The other two? End of the half and end of the game.

Now Mountain Valley will travel to Boerne again after blowing out that same team the week before.

What will this team have to do so a game like last year’s team will not happen again?

“We will need to think ‘Beast’ mold,” QB Harris said like he was thinking of halloween early. “We have to prepare mentally at practice and work hard this week and we will win next week.”

“We have been talking about as a team that one game doesn’t matter,” Head Coach Brandon Pawelek said. “That bad taste in our mouths was evident in this game based on what happened last year.”

“They were talking a lot of smack during pre/game,” Behemoth Austin Rodriguez said. “They got a little quiet during the end of this game.”

The ReSporter thinks that they might have had a ‘bad’ taste in their mouth at the end of this game.

“Next week it will be round two,” Lorett said as if he was in the middle of the boxing ring. “And we are going to win district and get it done.”

                1   2   3   4   Final
 Boerne         0   0   0   6   06
 MV Hawks 8A    6  14  13   6   39
 Scoring Summary:
 MV-Trenton Lorett 41 yard run (pat failed), 2:22, 1st
 MV-Lorett 16 yard pass from Cooper Harris (Lorett kick), 4:26, 2nd
 MV-Chance Martelli 11 yard pass from Harris (Lorett kick), 0:33, 2nd
 MV-Trenton Lorett 19 yard run (pat failed), 3:44, 3rd
 MV-Jacob Ruff 67 yard run (Lorett kick), 1:00, 3rd
 BO-Boyd 61 yard pass from Hudo (run failed), 7:35, 4th
 MV-Trenton Lorett 29 yard run (pat failed), 6:01, 4th

 Game Stats        Greyhounds        Hawks
 Total Yards       76                388
 First Downs       2                 20
 Rushes/Yards      12/8              31/361
 Comp/Att/Int      2/9/1             2/3/0
 Passing Yards     68                27
 Punts/Average     3/41.7            0/0
 Fumbles/Lost      2/1               0/0
 Penalties-Yards   0-0               5-25

 Passing           Comp  Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Harris Cooper     2     3    .667   27    0    2

 Rushing           Att  Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Trenton Lorett    6    117  19.5   41   3
 Jacob Ruff        7    101  14.4   67   1
 Tristan Chacon    7     68   9.7   17   0
 Connor Rose       6     33   5.5   11   0
 Landry Moore      4     32   8.0   15   0
 Cooper Harris     1     10  10.0   10   0

 Receiving         No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Trenton Lorett    1    16   16.0   16   1
 Chance Martelli   1    11   11.0   11   1


 Stats for 5 MV8A (Billies, Liberty Hill, Lago Vista, Lampasas and Boerne)

 Game Stats             BLHLVLB         MV Hawks
 Total Yards            351             1354
 First Downs            22              72
 Rush/Yards             115/220         136/1184
 Comp/Att/Int           9/23/1          10/12/0
 Passing Yards          121             170
 Punts/Average          11/26.5         1/22.0
 Fumbles/Lost           13/11           4/3
 Penalties-Yards        10-52           15-115

 Passing                Comp   Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Harris Cooper          10     12   .833   170   0    6

 Rushing                Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Trenton Lorett         35    408  11.7   31   8
 Jacob Ruff             35    315   9.0   48   5
 Tristan Chacon         24    203   8.5   32   1
 Landry Moore           16    144   9.0   34   2
 Connor Rose            20    129   6.5   33   2
 Cooper Harris           5     -7   ---   10   1

 Receiving              No   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Tristan Chacon         1    26   26.0   26   1
 Jacob Ruff             2    56   28.0   39   1
 Trenton Lorett         3    39   13.0   16   2
 G. T. Greene           2    24   12.0   14   0
 Connor Rose            1    14   14.0   14   1
 Chance Martelli        1    11   11.0   11   1