Football, Pre/Game | October 16, 2014

Pre/Game: Bandera @ Canyon Lake

Sealing  blocks paves the way for Robert Woods

Sealing blocks paves the way for Robert Woods

Pre/Game:            Bandera                @       Canyon Lake           October 17, 2014      7:30pm
                        Bulldogs (3-2)                Hawks (2-4)

 History: CL Hawks have a 4-0 record with Bandera.
 2010   Hawks  35   Bandera  06
 2011   Hawks  55   Bandera  33
 2012   Hawks  42   Bandera  07
 2013   Hawks  27   Bandera  06

 This Year's Game Results:
 Hawks  07   Blanco        35     Bandera  21   SA Sam Houston   15
 Hawks  43   Smithville    14     Bandera  40   Ingram Moore     07
 Hawks  38   Marion        06     Bandera  00   SA Christian     28
 Hawks  27   Wimberley     28     Bandera  28   Comfort          22
 Hawks  14   Lampasas      21     Bandera  14   Fredericksburg   21
 Hawks  14   Liberty Hill  19

There are not many teams that Canyon Lake can claim they have scoreboard in all of their games with.

Bandera is, at the moment, one of those teams as your Hawks have scored the most points and also have held Bandera to their best defensive output twice, allowing 6 points in two games.

Only one year did this Bulldog team have a break out with their offense and ironically it was a campaign that Canyon Lake still has flashbacks on how close they were to the playoffs.

The Hawks were just trying to score and get as many players on the field as they could.

Players to watch for Bandera? The ReSporter feels that Noah Nelson has been playing for the Bulldogs for the last 10 years.

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Football

Texas Country RV supports Bracken Football

This young man has had a very good year in the receiving department with 15 catches for 250 yards. Add four touchdowns and a 17 yard average per catch will give the Hawks defensive backs some much needed business.

CL has faced a running team these past two games and now will be a chance for this unit to step it up.

Another receiver with some impressive numbers is Averie Mansfield with just seven receptions but his 175 yards and 25 yards per catch average will certainly get some attention also.

Alex Willoughby-Gonzales is the Bulldogs leading rusher with 279 yards and over five yards per carry and this player will also come out of the backfield as he has six caught passes and has accounted for 52 yards.

Landon Ventura is another player The ReSporter thinks has been going to school way too long as he will also be a featured back with 61 carries this year and only trailing by 28 yards of being their leading rusher.

Joe Rodriquez is the play caller for Bandera, who has completed 58% of his passes and has 663 yards through the air with eight touchdowns.

Rodriguez does have 50 yards rushing so he could do some damage if he needs to escape trouble in the backfield.

Defensively, Bandera has been up and down as their competition has not been teams to strike fear in a team.

Fredericksburg had a good rushing game against Bandera and that could be good news for Canyon Lake since, ready for this….the Hawks like to run.

Canyon Lake has also shown they also can pass and QB Skyler Tschoepe has been making those passes count when needed.

A running team that can make noise passing will give a defensive coordinator nightmares.

Canyon Lake will try to induce some nightmares on these ‘Dogs and see if they can get them to bark while they are sleeping as they hope in trying to catch one of those many Hawk runners.

Go Hawks!!