Football, Pre/Game | October 8, 2014

Pre/Game: Bracken Christian @ NB Christian October 10th 7:30pm

Warriors defense is stout

Warriors defense is stout

Pre/Game: Bracken Christian    @    New Braunfels Christian    October 10, 2014 7:30pm
           Warriors (4-1)            Wildcats (0-6)

 History: Warriors Lead this series 3-1.
 2006   Warriors  22   Wildcats   44
 2007   Warriors  56   Wildcats   06
 2011   Warriors  55   Wildcats   00
 2013   Warriors  50   Wildcats   00

 This Years Game Results:
 Warriors   45  Temple Holy Trinity  18    NB Christian  40  Medina            86
 Warriors   51  CASA                 06    NB Christian  32  Selma River       34
 Warriors   66  Austin Hill Country  40    NB Christian  36  Brenham Christian 59
 Warriors   49  SA The Winston       00    NB Christian  06  Seguin Lifegate   56
 Warriors   14  Austin Veritas       60    NB Christian  06  Kerrville OLH     52
                                           NB Christian  58  Austin Concordia  69

Bracken Christian have been licking their wounds since last Friday’s affair with Austin Veritas.

The Warriors faced a team that was well prepared and displayed speed and a passing game that made the record book as far as Bracken giving up their most yardage in that area with 333 yards.

Luckily for BCS they have a chance to heal and get a win over a team that has yet to win a game this season.

New Braunfels Christian runs a spread offense and are in the same boat as Bracken in playing a very young team. NBC could have as many as five freshman starting this Friday and that would make a game where one team is actually younger than Bracken.

Keeping players healthy is No. 1 on Coach Lloyd Fields mantra as each game gets started on Friday’s.

Last week’s game had Bracken’s passing game taking a major step back and that will certainly be an area that the Warriors will need to see if they can revive.

Noah Boriack, Jeff Camp, Coy Zunker, and Zack Fasenmeyer will all need to be taking this game for another win to get that bad taste form last week eradicated.

Bracken should win this game but an injury here or there could very easily have this Warrior team looking like New Braunfels Christian in a nano-second.

Go Warriors!!