Football, Pre/Game | October 22, 2014

Pre/Game: CL Hawks @ Fredericksburg

Cody Thompson with an interception in last week's Bandera game. Another game like last week and CL will have a chance to upset the Billies

Cody Thompson with an interception in last week’s Bandera game. Another game like last week and CL will have a chance to upset the Billies

 Pre/Game:    Canyon Lake     @     Fredericksburg     Friday Oct. 24th  7:30pm
              Hawks (3-4)           Billies (4-3)

 Series Record with Fredericksburg is in Canyon Lake's favor, 4-2.
 Series Scores:
 Hawks  14   Billies  65
 Hawks  14   Billies  07
 Hawks  35   Billies  20
 Hawks  35   Billies  07
 Hawks  27   Billies  17
 Hawks  14   Billies  38

 Scores from this year:
 Hawks  07  Blanco        35       Billies  22  Lampasas       15
 Hawks  43  Smithville    14       Billies  48  Austin Travis  35
 Hawks  38  Marion        06       Billies  07  Burnet         55
 Hawks  27  Wimberley     28       Billies  30  Llano          00
 Hawks  14  Lampasas      21       Billies  07  La Grange      34
 Hawks  14  Liberty Hill  19       Billies  21  Bandera        14
 Hawks  37  Bandera       28       Billies  20  Boerne         38

A Canyon Lake win this Friday against Fredericksburg will go a long way in securing a playoff spot.

The Billies have been struggling since they lost their big gun Quarterback Kyle Grona in the La Grange game.

Grona was a big weapon in the Billies offense last season when they entered Hawk stadium and ran away with that game.

Grona ran for 94 yards and passed for 200 in that win and Fredericksburg kept the pedal to the floor against (at the time) hapless and winless Hawk team.

This year the Billies have not been as big of a threat, but they have replaced Grona with Kyle Reeh who might remind Hawk fans of Bandera’s Quarterback Joe Rodriquez who also had a good running game against Canyon Lake.

Reeh is leading District 14-4A in rushing with over 300 yards. The similarities are also compared with Rodriguez with their size as both QB’s are about the same height.

Last week, CL had some success in pressuring Rodriguez and picking off three passes which helped in getting that win.

Turnovers will be a key ingredient this week too, as the Hawks will need to help their offense with some good field position.

Fredericksburg will also run Bryce Johnston (397 yards) and Dillon Nielsen (163 yards) to keep the pressure and run that precious clock.

The Billies have a slew of receivers and will be able to put pressure on CL’s backfield if Reeh has enough time to make his reads.

Good news for the Hawks as they have seen that part of their game taking strides each week as well as the linebacker core of players.

Defensive End Cody Thompson had two sacks and an interception last week and getting pressure from those players will help squelch the Billies passing game.

Another good test for the Hawks in this game, as they are also preparing for Boerne in their last game and a Taylor team that has a lot of speed.

Blake Moffett has 11 catches for 170 yards with Mason Clark and Jacob Hartmann, 145 and 129 yards respectfully will also give those Hawk defensive backs a work out.

Two games with common opponents as Fredericksburg beat Lampasas and Bandera, while CL was beat by Lampasas and beat Bandera last week.

Reeh went crazy in the Bandera game by rushing 31 times for 236 yards with two scores.

The Billies other runners were non-existent as Reeh took this game to the tape.

Mason Clark has five interceptions for the Billies, but with the Hawk offense, that really is not a strength that means much against Canyon Lake.

The Hawks will be a little tougher to defend than last year’s club as CL’s three back tandem will have a chance of catching the Billies not looking at the right player on each play and some explosive plays could be the result.

Canyon Lake can win this game if they keep their turnovers in check and can move the chains and control the clock.

Containing Reeh will also be a big piece of the puzzle as it seems as Reeh goes so goes the Fredericksburg offense.

The winner of this game, will be in a good position to settle down some stakes for the playoffs as the loser will need to get back on track and jockey for position.

This week every team is playing an opponent with the same district record.

So this will go down as separation Friday as District 14-4A will have a first and last place team, with a lot of business left to settle in the middle teams for the coming weeks.

Go Hawks and Beat the Billies!!