Standings, Volleyball | October 27, 2014

Volleyball Standings and District 26-4A Recap

Hawks gear up for La Vernia as their second season looms.

Hawks gear up for La Vernia as their second season looms.

 Teams        W    L    Pct       District       W   L     Pct    GB
 Wimberley   34    8   .810       Wimberley     12   0   1.000    --
 CL Hawks    29   11   .725       CL Hawks       9   3    .750     3
 Navarro     30   12   .714       Navarro        9   3    .750     3
 Cuero       26   12   .684       Cuero          5   7    .417     7
 Yoakum      17   19   .472       La Vernia      4   8    .333     8
 La Vernia   11   28   .282       Yoakum         3   9    .250     9
 Gonzales     3   27   .100       Gonzales       0  12    .000    12

 District Games:
 Mon. October 27     Navarro     Beat    SA Incarnate Word    3-1

 Tue. October 28     CL Hawks    Beat    La Vernia            3-0
                     Wimberley   Beat    Yoakum               3-0
                     Cuero       Beat    Gonzales             3-0


A wild week for District 26-4A, as the Cuero Gobblers eliminated Yoakum from a playoff spot.

Well, that technically did not happen as a Yoakum win over Wimberley and a Cuero loss to Gonzales would help give the Bulldogs one more chance.

Yoakum would also need to have help from Canyon Lake in knocking off La Vernia.

Of those three scenarios, a Hawk win would be the more likely event.

Canyon Lake seems to be wobbling into the end of their season and could use a jolt of energy as they finish their regular season with La Vernia this Tuesday night.

In CL’s earlier game with the Bears, the contest win five sets before a Hawk victory.

La Vernia will be fighting for a playoff spot and with a win the Bears would also need a loss by Cuero.

At this writing, The ReSporter has not verified the tie breaker rules for district games.

If the tie breaker is based on points scored in those sets, then Cuero would have the inside track against La Vernia.

So, what we do know is that Navarro is going into the post season with some momentum as they swept CL, but based on that same point system for Cuero, Canyon Lake would have a point advantage over Navarrro for second place in district.

Canyon Lake still can’t solve the Wimberley spell they are under when facing this club.

You can judge how well your team is doing by winning a set or two against the Texans.

In District 26-4A play, there was only two teams that were able to take their games past three sets. La Vernia and Navarro jumped those hurdles while Canyon Lake could only muster 20 points.

Since that first game with Wimberley, the Hawks have not been on their ‘A’ game as they gave up two sets to La Vernia, a set to Yoakum, and were shut out twice to Wimberley and Navarro.

That is why, CL has to get their act together as the curtain is about to be raised for their performance and this year Canyon Lake does not want this to be an One Act Play.

The Hawks have made the playoffs twice and have succumbed in their first game both times. So, going further into this realm would be a huge step in their development and start concentrating on building a house on this year’s foundation.

Good News!! The Hawks are in the Playoffs and have accomplished many goals as this year continues to develop.

Now we need to see how this ‘Play’ will play out.