Standings, Volleyball | October 20, 2014

Volleyball Standings and District Recap

Lillie Sander making her point.

Lillie Sander making her point.

 Teams         W    L    Pct.          District      W    L    Pct   GB
 Wimberley    32    8   .800          *Wimberley    10    0  1.000   --
 CL Hawks     28   10   .730          *CL Hawks      8    2   .800    2
 Navarro      28   12   .700          *Navarro       8    3   .727    2 1/2
 Cuero        24   12   .667           La Vernia     4    7   .364    6 1/2
 Yoakum       17   17   .500           Yoakum        3    7   .300    7
 La Vernia    11   27   .289           Cuero         3    7   .300    7
 Gonzales      3   25   .107           Gonzales      0   10   .000   10
                                      *Team Clinched Playoffs
 District's Last 3 Games:

 Tue. Oct. 21      CL Hawks     Beat     Cuero       3-0
                   Navarro      Beat     Yoakum      3-1
                   Wimberley    beat     La Vernia   3-2
                   Gonzales     Bye

 Fri. Oct. 24      CL Hawks     @     Wimberley
                   Yoakum       @     Cuero
                   Gonzales     @     Navarro
                   La Vernia    @     Cotulla

 Mon. Oct. 27      Navarro      @     SA Incarnate Word

 Tue. Oct. 28      La Vernia    @     CL Hawks
                   Wimberley    @     Yoakum
                   Cuero        @     Gonzales


District 26-4A will now be starting their stretch run as this year’s schedule comes down to three more dates on the calendar.

What have we learned from last week’s contests? Navarro had a statement game with your Hawks by beating them much like Canyon Lake beat them in the first round of district games, a 3-0 skunk.

Y4 Custom Homes Sponsors CL Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes Sponsors CL Volleyball

That simply means that Canyon Lake will need to win the rest of their games to finish in second place.

The bad news is that this Friday night, CL will travel to Wimberley where a win will be hard to come by.

That ‘Crystal Ball’ will probably show us that Wimberley will finish another district season undefeated and the Hawks will be tied with Navarro for second place.

Of course, things will not be that simple with Canyon Lake scheduled to play a Cuero team that just beat La Vernia last Friday and that same Bear club fighting for that last playoff spot.

La Vernia has a date with Wimberley this Tuesday, and a loss would cause a quagmire if Yoakum and Cuero were able to come up victorious on that night.

Canyon Lake, quite simply, is not playing very well at the moment and will need to find their rally caps to turn this season around and play like they were just two short weeks ago.

Friday’s game with Yoakum and Cuero would eliminate one of those three teams vying for a coveted spot to play more games.

A La Vernia loss to Wimberley and then a last game date with Canyon Lake would put two teams in must win category in their games with CL. Both teams would have a feather in their cap by beating the Hawks and assuring a way to keep playing.

Puzzling end of year situation for several teams and there are really only two things that have been decided.

Gonzales will finish last and Wimberley will finish first.

Go Hawks!!!