Football, Player Profile | November 19, 2014

Fresh(man) Start!

There are two Hawk players that have been playing for Canyon Lake during the last part of the season when Will Joyner joined the team for a game with Smithville and then invited again near the end of this season.

Freshman Will Joyner and Jacob Foster relaxing at a Hawk Basketball game

Freshman Will Joyner and Jacob Foster relaxing at a Hawk Basketball game

You would see Joyner on kick-off teams and also playing on the defensive side of the ball these past few games.

Meanwhile Senior Ian May went down over two weeks ago and CL had Jacob Foster filling that void on the offensive line.

Both of these players had carved a nice niche with that Freshman Class as that team has been heralded as the calvary to help stave off an indian attack on the local village.

Yes, that village might have been able to hold their own, but having the Calvary joining this fight will make those losses in war to be reduced.

In the last two years, the MV/CL 8th and Freshman class has been winning every week and many times games being over before the first half talk-a-thon with the coaches was ready to be dispensed.

The ReSporter caught up with these two Freshman and wanted to share their thoughts as they prepare for this week’s game with Rockport-Fulton team in the Alamodome this Friday.

The ReSporter: Tell us what you thought when the Coaches call you up for the first time this year for the Varsity?

Will Joyner: “I was very worried….I was more than willing but I was also worried going into the game. I told the Coaches I was willing to play wherever they needed me.”

Jacob Foster: “I was super nervous….I knew I would be playing and the game had a lot of speed and I just needed to slow down.”

The ReSporter: Was the game at a faster rate for you too, Will?

Will Joyner: “It was very fast…I couldn’t slow it down so I just had to speed up to match the different pace.”

The ReSporter: Jacob, you said you knew you would be starting last week, how were you prepared for that start?

Jacob Foster: “I had people telling me a bunch of stuff, I stayed later after practice and also had some private tutoring from Coach John Barthels. I had never played a down at the position I was called up to play.”

“Every single day of that week at lunch and I stayed after school too, working on what I needed to do.”

The ReSporter: How has playing on the Varsity helped you?

Will Joyner: “I was glad to be there first, but then I had my chance and it brought up my potential for what I can be.”

The ReSporter: Tell what the reaction has been from your Freshman teammates?

Will Joyner: “The messed with me a lot….but they were really, in their own way, showing of how proud they were for me.”

Jacob Foster: “The Freshman have messed with me much more than the whole Varsity team did….they would make fun of me…but they were just showing how worthy they were for what had happened.”

The ReSporter: Tell us how the Varsity treated you.

Jacob Foster: “The treated me like one of them…”

Will Joyner: “They have a high tolerance if we mess up.”

The ReSporter: Thanks guys, good luck this Friday with Rockport-Fulton.