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Bracken’s All-Time Football Team

Eli Achillies after game with Emery-Weiner

Eli Achillies after game with Emery-Weiner

When Head Coach Lloyd Fields was contemplating moving on after this football season, he wanted to meet with other former Coaches as well as The ReSporter to see what the consensus would be for naming an All-Bracken team.

The following were the results of that discussion with a note that the first two years was not represented by people who had actually seen those players in person.

There were a few holdovers from that first club in 2006 but the majority of players on the 2006 team might have a different group that might not have been recognized.

So, with out any delay The ReSporter will name the top 6 players voted on and then expand that list by putting a player for each position on the field which would spread more mayonnaise on your sandwich.


Top Six Bracken Players from 2006-14 seasons.
 1. Eli Achilles
 2. Grady Achilles
 3. RJ Braune
 4. Marty Cruz
 5. Austin Wilkinson
 6. Noah Boriack

 Offensive Team                    Defensive Team
 Center:       Davis Scott         Defensive End:      Grant Granato
 Guard:        John Colby          Defensive End:      Stephen Burbank
 Tight End:    Jeff Camp           X-Backer:           Austin Wilkinson
 Quarterback:  Eli Achilles        Linebacker:         Gabe Cruz
 RB:           Grady Achilles      Linebacker:         Joe Lonigro
 RB:           Marty Cruz          LB/Defensive Back:  Eli Achilles
 Fullback:     Erin Jacobson       Defensive Back:     RJ Braun
 Utility Back: Preston Koch        Defensive Back:     Coy Zunker
 Spread Back:  Noah Boriack        Punter:             Kevin Knapkick
 WideReceiver: RJ Braun            Special Team:       Sam Hilgendorf
 Place Kicker: Ty Sanders

The ReSporter will comment on the top six players but will let you know that Marty Cruz and RJ Braun had left before the stats had been compiled by this publication.

Eli Achilles was a no brainer. This young man was a man among boys when he was on the field and it did not matter if that was defense or offense.

Here are a few defensive stats for Eli:
Career:  620 tackles….the next closest? Grant Granato with 342
Season: 206 tackles during the 2010 season which would rank 7th on the all-time tackle list.
Career Interceptions: 28 which is 51% of all interceptions using every Bracken player that has played combined.
Season Interceptions: 12 during his senior season in 2012. Next closest? 9 by Eli Achilles in 2010.
Here are a few offensive stats for Eli:
Yardage: Ranks first with a one game total of 452 yards against Gustine.
Average Run in a game: 27.7 yards in game with Sugar Land Logos
Longest Run: 78 yards tied with Grady Achilles.
Rushing Yards for Season: Second with 2,646 during his senior season.
Rushing Career: Second with 3,537 yards.
Passing: First, finishing with 3252 yards
Touchdowns passing: First with 52
Interceptions: First with 13 (The ReSporter wanted to humble Eli just a little)
Scoring: Second with 521 points
Game: 10 Touchdowns in game with Gustine

Ok, The ReSporter, thinks you might get the idea of why this young man was voted as the best on this list. If you think this is not enough evidence then get in touch with The ReSporter and more numbers can be added to the list above.

Grady Achilles was second on the list and certainly could of had more numbers on the defensive side of the

Grady Achilles taking off for another Touchdown

Grady Achilles taking off for another Touchdown

ball, but with deep teams during his tenure at BCS, this speedster could be saved for offense for much of his time.

Offensive stats for Grady:
Career Rushing: 7,988 yards with his last year being in 2011.
Season Rushing: 2,940 during the 2010 season. Three of the top four years are with Grady’s rushing.
Scoring: 164 rushing touchdowns
100 yards or more: 32 games
Scoring: 1112 points
Receiving: Grady totaled 25 receptions and scored on 13 of those catches.
For the 2010 Year: Grady Achilles scored 62 Rushing Touchdowns and averaged 29.3 yards per Touchdowns.
14 Touchdown runs were from 50 yards or longer.
Grady rushed for 1817 yards on his 62 scores.
Defensive Stats:
Career: Finished with 222 tackles for 5th on the all-time Bracken list as a part timer.
Interceptions: Tied for 3rd with two other BCS players at 6 career thefts.

For RJ Braune and Marty Cruz, The ReSporter just does not have a whole lot of numbers for those two players.

One stat line for Braune was during his 2008 season when he had his best year receiving and a Warrior record with 1067 yards on 40 receptions and 17 touchdowns. Jeff Camp only missed that record, needing 24 yards to eclipse those yards.

Warriors preparing to go to War

Warriors preparing to go to War

Austin Wilkinson also is noted for being on a Warrior roster for one year, but Wilkinson had an outstanding year on both sides of the ball.

Defensively, Wilkinson finished with 108 tackles for his one year stint and offensively, this speedster had 386 yards with a BCS record of 16.8 yards per touch. While adding 185 yards receiving on just eight catches.

The ReSporter still remembers his one play of jumping over a blocker to get to the quarterback during one playoff game, he was a never give up player until hearing a whistle to stop play.

Noah Boriack was recognized as the sixth player on that all-time list.

Boriack finished his career having some stellar numbers both rushing and passing.

In the passing annals, Boriack had three of the top for games in completions. He topped the list with 16 completions in Bracken’s game with OLH this year.

Boriack finished with the top three passing yardage this year throwing for a Bracken record of 248 yards in his game with Cedar Park Summit. He finished ahead of Cody Blackmon in career passing finishing with 1671 yards and 26 touchdowns.

In rushing, Boriack had 61 touchdowns and finished third in rushing yardage (3,395) trailing the Achillies brothers. Boriack finished with 15 games rushing for more than 100 yards during his career with his game with New Braunfels Christian averaging 31 yards per carry on four rushes and 124 yards.

Boriack had a way of making opposing defensive players ducking to get out of the way as he had a way of having punishing runs.

Many of the players mentioned on the offense and defensive units had great seasons as Bracken continues to

Bracken Warrior showing off his Armor

Bracken Warrior showing off his Armor

put stellar athletes on the uncrowded field.

It was tough to make decisions on players like Tye Sanders vs. Kevin Knapick as place kickers as both could kick it out of the end zone as well as punt when needed to not disappoint.

“Fish (Grant Granato) and (Stephen) Burbank were perfect for each other during our Championship season playing defensive end,” Coach Lloyd Fields said. “Burbank was very intelligent and he certainly deserved this recognition even though he played just one season.”

This year’s team had three players making this ‘Team’, as Jeff Camp set almost all the receiving records and Coy Zunker finished in the top ten in tackles with 257 and finishing fourth on the BCS tackle list.

Zunker finished tied for second with 7 interceptions with Kevin Knapick and Sam Hilgendorf.

Jeff Camp had the top five reception yardage this year as well as scoring seven touchdowns in his game with OLH. No other Warrior had more than two touchdowns receiving before this year’s squad not only having Camp with two games but Cristian DeLeon who had three.

DeLeon was also mentioned for the offensive team, but just having one year as a freshman did not give him enough plays to work himself on the list above.

Lots of fun putting this list together and The ReSporter hopes you enjoy looking back as much as the Coaches did.

Go Warriors and Congratulations!!!