Boys Basketball, Game Article | December 17, 2014

CL Hawk’s Freshman Beat Pleasanton, 37-29

                      1   2   3   4   Final
 Pleasanton Freshman  7   6  12   4   29
 CL Hawks Freshman   11   9   7  10   37
 Scoring: Boyd 21, Cole 8, Anderson 2, Jordan 2, Navarro 1,
 McDonough 1, Harwell 1, Ford 1.

Canyon Lake’s Freshman squad helped in the whitewash of Pleasanton as they set the stage in their first quarter and beat the Eagles, 37-29.

Navarro, Fulton, and Boyd team up for an 8 point win over Pleasanton

Navarro, Fulton, and Boyd team up for an 8 point win over Pleasanton

“We started strong and had a good first two quarters,” Head Freshman Coach Javier Almanza said. “We let our guard down in the third but finished in the fourth quarter.”

The Hawks had Boyd finishing with 21 points and Cole was next with 8 points in a game that showed a lot of needed energy as this semester draws to a close.

“Our third quarter was a combination of bad defense and turnovers,” Coach Almanza stated. “We let them back into the game and I had to throw in guys who could handle the pressure and Navarro and Fulton did that.”

Ben Fulton did not show numbers in scoring, but his game shows how a player can influence a game in other ways.

“Hustle plays and taking care of the ball with good defense and grabbing rebounds,” Coach Almanza closed.

That defense held this Freshman Eagle team to four points in that last quarter after Pleasanton had closed the gap to a two point game (27-25) going into that last quarter.

Boyd’s 21 points was pivotable in keeping the Eagles in the Hawk’s rear view mirror.

“I got a lot of passes from my teammates,” Boyd said unabashedly. “They fouled me a lot and all I wanted to do is win this game.”

Navarro and Fulton’s positive energy also got the attention of Coach Almanza.

“I just did not want to look bad,” Navarro said. “They started putting more pressure on us in that second half.”

On why looking bad was important to Navarro, “I just play better when no one is looking.”

The ReSporter is all in if their might be more road games and Hawk fans having ‘blinders’ on when #2 Navarro comes onto the court.

“It is all about strong defense,” Fulton said when responding to the second half of play. “I did not do a lot of offense, but getting assists and easy shots for my teammates is what helps my team.”

Canyon Lake’s Freshman took care of business and will take to the courts this Friday in Boerne and maybe it can be a double bonus for Navarro as he can play away from the Hawk gym while hoping that Boerne fans don’t show up for their team.

If that happens, then a double digit win will be expected.

Go Hawks!!!