Boys Basketball, Game Article | December 17, 2014

CL Hawks Hide ‘Krytonite’ in Win over Pleasanton, 78-60

Canyon Lake got rid of their krytonite quarters and finished with 78 points in their win over Pleasanton on Tuesday night at the Hawk gym.

Sophomore Rory Preiss and Junior Brandon Ward help take care of the Eagles

Sophomore Rory Preiss and Junior Brandon Ward help take care of the Eagles

“We got into what we are suppose to do and we have been working on that more in practice,” Head Coach Lucas Chapman said. “No turnovers and that allowed us to work do more stuff.”

For most of this year, CL has had problems scoring in the second and third quarters. With each game a good first stanza in scoring would be followed by a second or third quarter of less than 10 points.

On this night, Canyon Lake solved those two quarters and finished in a flurry scoring 40 points combined for those quarters culminating in an 18 point victory.

Junior Brandon Ward started the game with his first points off an assist from Sophomore Rory Preiss.

Both players finished with double digit scoring while seniors Sean Nolan and Garrett Winters also joining the double digit party with 10 and 14 points respectfully.

Pleasanton would tie the score at 9 a piece and only trailed by two points at intermission.

Both teams shot well as the Eagles were red hot from beyond the arc with six treys coming from Pleasanton’s Del Toro as he finished with 27 points.

Del Toro was good but his 27 points could not stand up to Canyon Lake’s four headed double digit players.

Despite that close score at halftime, Canyon Lake had a 50% shooting percentage and committed just seven turnovers.

The Hawks would continue their torrid shooting while also reducing turnovers in the second half and the Eagles would eventually fall away as Canyon Lake increased their lead to 13 points going into the final quarter of play.

Each quarter was topped in points by the following eight minutes as the Hawks excelled on both end of the courts.

The ‘Krypto Quarters’ were not a factor on this night as the Hawks executed their offense throughout this contest.

Try having only 4 total turnovers in that second half and improving the shooting to a lofty 55%, and you have a team beaming with confidence.

Preiss finished this game with a double/double while also contributing six steals. Pretty impressive stat line.

It was Preiss’ play in that second quarter that kept CL in the lead as he scored 7 points, had one assist, and 3 steals. The Tazmania devil, with control, would be a good mental picture for his play during this game.

“Coach told us to pick it up and I just started playing hard,” Preiss said like he was breaking the Press. “Our play got the crowd going and that just pumped us up and we played our game.”

Canyon Lake has started shooting better, especially from the free throw line. Taking advantage of 20 free throws and making 15.

Skyler Tschoepe was all over the court as it looked like he was teamed up with Ward for a stretch in the third and fourth quarter that both players fed off each other.

During those stanza’s Tschoepe saved two turnovers by hustling to save the ball and with a pass back to the court finding Ward for a lay-up.

“We started hitting our shots early and when that happens, it turned into easy shots,” Tschoepe said calmly.

“That was Tschoepe’s best game this year,” Coach Chapman said.

Ward has started playing with more confidence during the CL Tourney and that momentum continued in his play on this night.

“Have faith,” Ward said while commenting on his play these past few games. “It is fun when we have a game like this and then we run with energy and we start to play as a team.”

At the four minute mark of the third quarter, Canyon Lake increased their lead to double digits, 48-37, and were never threatened after that.

“Our bench helped a lot,” Ward kept shooting. “I have had to pick and choose what I take in a game and that has helped in my shot selection and has helped me be more aggressive.”

The Hawks have shown glimpses of a well oiled machine this year and now as district play draws closer, it will be consistency that will tell if this might be a banner year.

Having a good game, would be a way of describing this game, but seeing the Hawks play in this manner for two or three games in a row would be ideal.

Sharp passes and reduced turnovers will work wonders for a Hawk team that has yet to scare the playoffs since this school has started.

“There are some obvious things we can build upon and keep working every single day‚Ķ.this helps us believe that we can be a good basketball team,” Coach Chapman closed.

That was certainly the case on this night as The Resporter stayed late after the crowd had left to be sure that the people cleaning the gym did not find that dreaded ‘Kryptonite’.

Go Hawks!!

               1   2   3   4   Final
 Pleasanton   12  19  11  18   60
 CL Hawks     15  18  22  23   78

                             3pt           tot  rebounds
 name              fga-fgm fga-fgm fta-ftm pts  or-dr tot a  s  b  to
 Garrett Winters     5-7     4-6     0-0   14    1-1   2  0  0  0  2
 Brandon Ward        6-9     1-2     0-0   13    1-2   3  4  1  1  1
 Justin Ferris       0-1     0-0     0-0    0    0-0   0  0  0  0  0
 Rory Preiss         6-14    0-0     3-4   15    8-2  10  2  6  0  2
 Skyler Tschoepe     4-8     0-1     1-2    9    1-6   7  4  4  0  0
 Nic Adams           1-3     0-1     2-2    4    2-1   3  2  0  0  4
 Branton Kindla      0-1     0-1     0-0    0    0-0   0  0  0  0  1
 Will Gray           0-0     0-0     1-2    1    0-0   0  0  0  0  0
 Tommy Clark         3-5     0-0     0-0    6    2-1   3  0  0  1  1
 Scott Taylor        1-1     0-0     4-4    6    0-0   0  0  3  0  0
 Sean Nolan          3-5     0-0     4-6   10    1-3   4  0  0  3  0
 totals             29-54    5-11   15-20  78   16-16 32 12 14  5 11
 percentages         54%     45%     75%