Girls Basketball | December 7, 2014

Lady Hawks Improve as District Season Nears

Lady Hawks Basketball starts their home stretch before District 27-4A play begins later this month.

Senior Kyndall Drum's return will be a welcome sight for a young Hawk team

Senior Kyndall Drum’s return will be a welcome sight for a young Hawk team

To say that Canyon Lake is young would be an obvious statement and so that 3-11 record should not surprise the casual viewer.

What you will need to see as this season continues is how this group of young ladies will improve on some of their weaknesses and with that improvement being able to focus on the bigger picture, a berth for post-season.

This line-up presently has just two players that were suited up from last year’s team.

That simple statement explains a team that is relearning offense/defense and just getting to know each other.

Sophomore Mia Riali and Junior Sarah Schneider are the only players that played last season with Kyndall Drum biting at the bit to return later this month after suffering a pre-season injury.

Drum led last year’s team in scoring and finished second in rebounds.

Encouraging signs comes with Sophomore Alexis Fullen who is swatting balls (blocks) like a family on a summer picnic.

Graduate Amber Ramsey finished last year with 32 blocks and Fullen presently has 20 blocks in just 14 games played. Fullen presently leads Canyon Lake with 77 rebounds.

The Hawks have three players with double digit blocks after last seasons team that featured Ramsey as the only player to reach that plateau.

Senior Kelsey Ahrens, who did not play last season, has returned and at her present pace will surpass last year’s team in assists.

Two freshman, Alexa Ramos and Reagan Heun have supplied the bulk of points as Ramos just returned seven games ago and has moved swiftly to third on this years team in scoring.

Heun is averaging over 12 points a game and right at five rebounds. Lots of potential for both of these players as they continue to learn at a quick pace before district play begins.

Another player that has started letting her presence be felt is Sarah Schneider as she has increased her rebounds and points per game in the last couple of weeks.

Having Schneider’s height for defense and having this student getting comfortable in the flow of the game will reap benefits as this season matures.

Sophomore Riali is second in scoring and also leads this Hawk team in steals. Another player that continues to learn and improve with more minutes on the hardwood.

Canyon Lake is young and reducing their turnovers will be a pivotal part of how this season can jell by handling the ball in order to get more chances for scoring.

Averaging right at 25 turnovers means this Hawk team did not have a chance to score 25 times in a game that might be within points of winning or keeping a lead.

Learning curve has started and this can be an exciting time as the Hawks will start focusing on Yoakum for their first district game, December 19th at CL’s gym.

Go Hawks!!


Season Stats                   3pt            tot  rebounds
#  name              fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta  pts  or-dr  tot  a  s  b  to
 2 Mia Riali          23-80    5-20   16-55    67  16-23   39  8 24  1  39
10 Gabby Sanchez       7-12    0-0    11-20    25   8-8    16  5  6  0  50
11 Alexis Fullen       9-35    0-0     4-11    22  24-53   77 10 15 20  37
15 Lexy Jackson       10-37    0-0     6-10    26  13-7    20  8  5  0  26
22 Kirsten Jones       8-43    1-3     6-13    23   5-13   18  6 16  4  54
23 Alexa Ramos        16-51    0-0    11-33    43   8-10   18  7  9  0  17
31 Marley Bailey       1-2     0-0     0-0      2   1-2     3  1  1  0   6
33 Sarah Schneider    11-43    0-0     3-7     25  19-28   47  4  9 14  10
34 Kelsey Ahrens      17-56    0-2     6-8     40  17-31   48 17 19  2  45
35 Reagan Heun        59-189  17-63   36-79   171  27-45   72 10 16 13  66
totals                                        444 145-228 373 76 121 56 352