Boys Basketball, Coaches Corner | January 1, 2015

CL Hawks: Coaches Corner with Lucas Chapman

The ReSporter: How can you find that hot player on any given game? Or, what is needed by this group to find that scoring?

Coach Chapman: “We are not a team that has a go to player so to speak. We have some guys who are capable of scoring some points on any given night, but it’s probably not going to be the same guy every night. We have to have scoring contributions from multiple individuals. We are continuing to implement our offense and get more confident and comfortable in it. When we run and execute what we work on, we can score effectively, but when we try to do our own thing we struggle at times. We just have to trust what we are doing and trust each other. If everyone does their job then we will succeed as a team.”

The ReSporter: “The ReSporter has also notice that the hustle plays are not showing up, yes, they are probably hustling, but looking at steals/assists…etc…many of the players are finding it hard to get to the free throw line or getting steals…what do you need in these stats that will lead to more scoring?

Coach Chapman: “From a defensive perspective we have not played with consistent effort and energy. We need to do a better job of being active with our feet and hands to deflect passes, contest shots and disrupt what the offense is doing. The games where we have put up points we have turned the offense over which has created easy scoring opportunities for us. We will probably look to pressure and mix it up defensively as we get into district play, which hopefully will help us more with that. Offensively, we need to be more aggressive. We always talk about getting the ball in the paint with the pass or dribble. Our goals are to get score 30 points in the paint and make at least 10 Free Throws a game. When we do those things we have been successful. We just need to put more pressure on the defense and not take bad shots or settle for jumps shots all game long.”

The ReSporter: What is known about the district this year team wise?

Coach Chapman: “Our district is much different this year. We only have Navarro and Wimberley with us from year’s past. From what I have seen Wimberley is the favorite and then everyone else will be fighting for 2nd, 3rd & 4th place. It is wide open right now. I really like our chances. We obviously have to play better and continue to improve, but if we can play to our potential we have a real good shot at the playoffs.”

The ReSporter: What have you seen that is positive for CL as you enter into this season’s games?

Coach Chapman: “We have seen glimpses of times this year when we play to our ability, and we have looked really good. When we take care of the ball and share the ball on offense we can score. When we play with great effort and energy on the defensive side of the floor we can get after people. I just think that our best is yet to come. We have seen signs from time to time, and I anticipate that we will see a lot more of it in the weeks to come.”

The ReSporter: What will the Hawks need to do game wise to realize a spot in the playoffs?

Coach Chapman: “We have to just trust and believe in our ability, and how we want to play. We need to find some consistency and rhythm on offense. We need to be strong with the basketball and not turn it over. On defense, we must lock teams down. We have to play with more passion and effort on defense. That is our identity, and we have to buy into it and play to it. We can certainly make a run in district. We just have to continue to improve each day and reach our potential.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach for your time for this Holiday Season, good luck as district starts next week.