This Week at Canyon Lake

This Week for Canyon Lake Sports

Jan 13th Lockhart JV         @  CL Hawks JV           Boy Soccer        5:00pm
         Lockhart            @  CL Hawks              Boy Soccer        6:45pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Freshman     Girl Basketball   8:00pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks JV           Boy Basketball    5:00pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks JV           Girl Basketball   5:00pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Freshman     Boy Basketball    6:15pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Varsity      Girl Basketball   6:30pm
         Wimberley           @  CL Hawks Varsity      Boy Basketball    7:30pm

Jan 16th CL Hawks            @  Pleasanton            Girl Soccer       TBA
         CL Hawks Freshman   @  La Vernis             Boy Basketball    6:15pm
         CL Hawks JV         @  La Vernia             Girl Basketball   5:00pm
         CL Hawks JV         @  La Vernia             Boy Basketball    5:00pm
         CL Hawks Freshman   @  La Vernia             Girl Basketball   8:00pm
         CL Hawks Varsity    @  La Vernia             Girl Basketball   6:30pm
         CL Hawks Varsity    @  La Vernia             Boy Basketball    7:30pm

Jan 17th CL Hawks            @  Tournament            Girl Soccer       TBA

Jan 20th La Vernia           @  CL Hawks              Girl Soccer       7:00pm


This week the Soccer teams take full throttle as their season starts in earnest.

The Boy’s Soccer team started their season on a winning note and will look to improve on that mark with a game at home against Lockhart on Tuesday.

Girl’s Soccer will have Tuesday off and then will be on the road this Friday in Pleasanton. The Girl’s Soccer team had one of their best seasons last year as they were beat in their Bi-District match with Boerne Champion when they lost at the end of that contest.

In Basketball, both Hawk Varsity teams will have games with Wimberley.

The Hawk Boys team will have a tall order with their game with the Texans as both teams played earlier this year in tournament play. Wimberley won that match-up convincingly and Canyon Lake will have their work cut out for them in this first round game in district.

CL’s Girls Basketball have a chance of solidifying their second place slot in District 26-4A with a win over the Texans.

Wimberley lost to Cuero last week and the Gobblers was the last victim for your Hawks, giving you an indication that this has a chance of win and what certainly could end up being another tight ball game.

The Hawk Basketball teams will travel to La Vernia for their road game and wins on the road are always big, but the Boy’s team will need a win if they are to make a run for a playoff spot for this season.

‘This Week’ in Hawk Sports will run every week as the Spring Sports will start their season as this semester continues to mature.

Canyon Lake has a new district of teams to play on what should be a very exciting time for the Hawk Nation.

Go Hawks!!