Boys Basketball, Game Article | February 18, 2015

CL Freshman Run Away from Bulldogs in Win, 55-13

Canyon Lake’s Freshman squad started a sweep on Tuesday night as they ran away from Yoakum in grand fashion, 55-13.

Harwell, Michael Coyne, and Chris Cole pose after a blowout win over Yoakum, 55-13

Michael Harwell, Matthewl Coyne, and Chris Cole pose after a blowout win beating Yoakum, 55-13

In fact, the Hawk’s 14 points in the first quarter would have won this game as Yoakum did not have an answer to every Hawk but two scoring in this game.

“The last couple of weeks we have been working on our mental toughness in practice,” Head Freshman Coach Javier Almanza started. “This group has tons of potential and they bust their butts in games and practices….we are night and day better than where we were when we started.”

Joseph and McDonough led the scoring with 12 and 10 points respectfully as Joseph also chipped in with 10 rebounds for a double-double.

Canyon Lake also stole the show with 23 thefts as Yoakum found it tough to advance the ball to get a shot off.

All was not perfect as the Hawks almost shot better from beyond the arc than they did from the much closer charity stripe.

Chris Cole was decent from the stripe but he also was instrumental with his defense as he was complicating the Bulldogs offense by jumping into the lanes and disrupting Yoakum’s passing.

“He is so athletic and Cole can run,” Coach Almanza praised. “He likes to attack.”

Attack Cole did as Yoakum could not find a player that could withstand his pressure.

“I like to watch their dribble,” Cole said. “By the time we get into the game then I can find a way to get to the ball.”

Cole also helped set up the offense against Yoakum’s zone defense.

“I usually set up and if the zone is open then I drive, but if it isn’t then I find the open teammate and get them the ball,” Cole said confidently.

It did not take long for CL to take this game into overdrive as they held Yoakum to just two points in that first quarter. That bucket was scored in the opening minute and then these Bulldogs were held scoreless for the remainder of that first quarter.

The Hawks had 6 shots beyond the arc and Michael Harwell was open for two shots while chipping in with 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

“I was really nervous when the season first started as I did not know everyone as I had moved from Smithson Valley,” Harwell started. “I just practiced a lot and got comfortable with the team.”

Canyon Lake played everyone on their roster on this night including their manager as Matthew Coyne, also had a chance to get off some shots.

“The players got to Coach and asked if I could play in the last game,” Coyne answered. “I am very Blessed and I was aware of some of the plays and I just got to play some good clean basketball.”

That was certainly true as Coyne looked like your regular player coming into the game as there was no hesitance in his play as if he had been studying the game all season for a chance just like this.

The ReSporter was sure he could have been a regular as he complained about being fouled on his three point shot.

Just like every player does.

This Freshman team finished their District 26-4A season with a, 8-4 District record as both underclassman teams are loading up for a chance for some records for future Hawk teams.

Congrats on a great season and work hard during the off-season as The ReSporter thanks that you could lose a place on the roster when the Manager (Coyne) can come in at any time to help if needed!

                   1   2   3   4   Final
 Yoakum Freshman   2   4   6   1   13
 CL Freshman      14   8  21  12   55

                       3pt           tot  rebounds
 name        fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta pts  or-dr tot   a  s  b  to
 Navarro       0-1     0-0     0-0    0    0-0   0    2  2  0  2
 Cole          2-6     0-1     4-6    8    0-1   1    2  5  0  2
 Joseph        5-12    0-2     2-8   12    5-5  10    1  1  1  0
 Coyne         0-2     0-2     0-0    0    0-1   1    0  0  0  1
 McDonough     5-8     0-0     0-1   10    5-3   8    1  7  0  3
 Duke          1-4     1-2     0-0    3    0-2   2    0  3  0  1
 Jordan        2-8     2-6     0-0    6    0-1   1    0  1  0  2
 Rollins       1-5     0-0     1-2    3    1-1   2    1  2  2  1
 Harwell       3-8     2-3     1-2    9    5-1   6    2  1  0  1
 Nelson        0-0     0-0     1-2    1    0-2   2    0  1  0  1
 Fulton        1-1     1-1     0-0    3    0-1   1    0  0  0  2
 totals       21-55    6-17    9-21  55   16-18 34    9 23  3 16
 percentages  38.2%    35.3%   42.9%