Softball | February 8, 2015

CL Hawks Softball Finding Puzzle Pieces in Scrimmages

Softball Finding Puzzle Pieces

The Hawk Softball team took their first baby steps as they scrimmage three teams last Saturday in New Braunfels.

Alexis Robinson and Cameron Berger will be seasoned veterans this year as Juniors

Alexis Robinson and Cameron Berger will be seasoned veterans this year as Juniors

Wins and losses don’t matter this time of year, but what does come into play is how did the team react in game like situations versus just going through practices.

CL played Austin Maroon a 5A school and two 6A schools in San Antonio Southwest and Canyon.

You could tell the difference in the match-ups as depth was evident for all three teams to face Canyon Lake.

The Hawks will be replacing the catcher position with Sophomore Kat Weber who seemed to be adapting to that position very well as she will have to mature quickly as CL will not have as many non-district games since the district has more teams than in the past.

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Hawk Softball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Hawk Softball

“We are trying to look at a lot of people,” Head Softball Coach John Gallagher said. “So our offense was thrown off a bit on today’s games.”

Canyon Lake did play more defense than offense in these scrimmages since the larger schools had many more pitchers and good hitting from top to bottom in their batting order.

“We are moving people around and we are wanting to see what we can accomplish from both sides of the ball,” Coach Gallagher said as he punched the time clock on his game of Chess.

Canyon Lake had a chance to do something this year as the Coaches were welcoming in all the girls wanting to play.

Having more girls than ever coming out to play giving Coach Gallagher a decision to cut 5 girls based on having enough players to field two teams.

“Yeah, our numbers are up and that is a good thing…we had to cut five,” Coach said while working on his math.

The Hawks started a JV team two years ago and now with an influx of players, having to make cuts was not even an option in the past as girls made one of the teams if they had a heartbeat.

“We will have to keep working on basics and hope that translates to game time action,” Gallagher said when responding to how having scrimmages that did not give enough plate appearances for many of the players last Saturday.

There were some good points in some of the games, as Sophomore Carly DuBois made a diving catch in left field on the very first play of the scrimmages.

“We hope the other outfielders will see what Carly (DuBois) does in centerfield and try to copy,” Coach Gallagher closed.

This week, Canyon Lake will have a chance to scrimmage teams that are closer to the same size in numbers as the Hawks will go against Luling and Fredericksburg.

Both games will be at the Hawk Diamond.

This is an exciting time of year and these Hawks will want your support.

Go Hawks!!