Boys Basketball, Game Article | February 18, 2015

Hawks Win final Basketball Game over Yoakum, 70-52

The Hawks started their last game of this season with an all out senior line up and then an all out sophomore, Rory Preiss blitz in their win over Yoakum, 70-52.

Seniors Sean Nolan, Skyler Tschoepe, and Garrett Winters

Seniors Sean Nolan, Skyler Tschoepe, and Garrett Winters

With three minutes gone in the first quarter, CL was down 7 points with a very sloppy start as a Yoakum press was doing enough damage that Preiss finally jumped started the Hawks with a 9 point run within a one minute span.

Preiss scored 6 points in that minute and had an assist to Brandon Ward from beyond the arc to help bring the game back from what could have been the abyss.

That energy coming from Preiss also helped in reaching a double-double in the first half of play as Preiss ended with 15 points and 10 rebounds before the end of that second quarter.

“We started off too loose and sloppy,” Head Coach Luke Chapman said. “We had great energy from Rory, right when we needed it.”

Offensive rebounds galore helped CL with one of their best shooting games this season at 48% with a team best 29 field goals.

“Once we got into the offensive side of the court, Yoakum did not have a defensive answer,” Coach Chapman shot. “After getting better at breaking their press we had an opportunity with our transition game especially in that second half.”

The Hawks also finished with three turnovers in the second half compared to a press related 14 in the first half.

Senior Skyler Tschoepe ‘pressed’ his uniform as he too started playing inspired ball as he finished with 5 assists to go with his 15 points in his final game as a Hawk.

Those points moved Tschoepe to 5th in Hawk scoring as he finished his career with 362 points just ahead of Christian Pena back in the good ole days.

What Preiss did in that first half, Tschoepe followed up with just as good a second half of scoring and energy.

 Skyler Tschoepe finished strong for the Hawks in All-Time Stats.
 Points           Rebounds           Steals                Assists
 362      5th     249      3rd       69      3rd (tied)    63       6th

 Made 3pt Shots   Made Free Throws   Blocked Shots
 34       5th     66       8th       29      4th (tied)

An all-around player as Tschoepe made his mark in almost all of the major stat categories.

The Hawks finished with a 40 point second half which beat their total score in 13 games this season .

This game was still much in doubt until a Nic Adams shot after an assist with Tschoepe, which helped up the lead to 6 points, then Adams reciprocated an assist to Tschoepe which continued a Hawk run that Yoakum would never answer.

Canyon Lake will also be saying good-bye to mountain man Sean Nolan who will finish first in rebounds and blocked shots.

 Sean Nolan's placing in stats for CL:
 Rebounds                     Points
 368        1st               337        9th

 Made Free Throws             Blocked Shots
  67        7th               85        1st

Garrett Winters also finished his career in this win with some milestones with stats as he will go down as one of the best free throw percentages for a career as he finished this season right at 80% accuracy.

 Assists                      Steals
 77         4th               55         9th

 3 Point Shots                Points
 71         3rd               298       10th

Canyon Lake had a good four quarters of basketball as there were several areas that would give you a reason for this win.

1. In the third quarter, the Hawks did not have a turnover.
2. More offensive rebounds than defensive rebounds.
3. Reaching 40 total rebounds.
4. Shooting 48% from the field.
5. Finishing with 16 assists. (the Hawks averaged 6 for the season)
6. Getting 13 steals was also a huge turnaround from previous games.

A good win with several younger players that will be returning after seeing five seniors hand the ball over to the future.

What some of the Seniors said after their last game:

Skyler Tschoepe: “We learned tonight that we needed to make sure we were having fun and that helped us to work as a unit. We just needed to remember why we were playing in the first place.”

Garrett Winters: “Stay committed to what the Coach is saying.” Winters said in response to the players that are coming up. “Remember why you are here and stay on task.”

Sean Nolan: “This feels nice to finish it all the way through whether it was good or bad…It felt good to do what I needed to do for the team.”

            1   2   3   4   Final
 Yoakum    17   9  16  10   52
 CL Hawks  17  13  24  16   70

                           3pt           tot  rebounds
 name            fgm-fga ftm-fga ftm-fta pts or-dr tot  a  s  b  to
 Garrett Winters   2-7     1-5     3-4    8   0-1   1   3  2  0  3
 Brandon Ward      3-10    2-4     1-3    9   1-2   3   2  0  0  4
 Justin Ferris     0-1     0-0     0-0    0   0-0   0   1  1  0  0
 Rory Preiss       8-10    0-0     1-4   17   8-4  12   4  3  0  2
 Skyler Tschoepe   7-10    0-0     1-3   15   2-1   3   5  3  0  1
 Nic Adams         1-7     0-4     0-1    2   2-2   4   1  1  0  2
 Branton Kindla    0-1     0-1     0-1    0   1-1   2   0  0  0  1
 Will Gray         2-5     0-1     0-0    4   1-4   5   0  1  1  2
 Tyler Williams    3-5     0-0     2-4    8   4-2   6   0  1  0  2
 Sean Nolan        3-4     0-0     1-1    7   2-2   4   0  1  2  1
 totals           29-60    3-15    9-21  70  21-19 40  16 13  3 18
 percentages      48.3%   20.0%   42.8%