Girls Basketball | February 16, 2015

Lady Hawks Basketball All-Time Stat Leaders


Caitlin Gillum driving for two points against Bandera

Caitlin Gillum driving for two points against Bandera

Canyon Lake has finished their season and The ReSporter would like to share the All-Time Stat list to show where some Seniors finished and where some of the Hawk players stand in their quest to rise to the top.

Some notes for the numbers below will need to be communicated as Ashley Pfaff stats are based with just one year of playing and so that should help people understand just how good of a player this young lady was.

If The ReSporter was going to place a starting line-up, then based on watching the players below and crunching their numbers then this would be the team we would go to the hardwood with.

Ashley Pfaff: Her numbers speak for themselves, but more than that this player was an all around player that could also handle the ball.

The total package from her assists and blocked shots to her shooting and dishing the rock.

Katie Williams: Katie would be our, ‘get it done underneath’, player. You could count on Williams each night as she brought her lunch pale and was always ready for battle.

Tiffany Arredondo: Arredondo could break a press just by dribbling through the defense and her ability to find a player for an assist is why she is over 40 away from any other player reaching her numbers.

Arredondo is who we would want as our quarterback in those tough situations.

Tiffany Tschoepe: Tschoepe would be a given in getting the team a needed rebound. Her numbers are tops in that category, but she did the little things that don’t show up on the stat sheet and that alone would give you that extra effort for a good team result.

Katie Williams holds down several All-Time Basketball records for the Hawks

Katie Williams holds down several All-Time Basketball records for the Hawks

Finally, The ReSporter would go with another player that was on the court for just one year. Caitlyn Gillum, would give this team several easy shots as she had the ability to dribble out of trouble and find a player first before she would shoot.

Gillum was not a scorer, even though she could have had better numbers in that sphere. Distributing the ball and being there to help this Hawk team by getting down the court with ease against a press would be reason enough for her spot on this team.

Kyndall Drum would be The ReSporter’s sixth man as she too could play the forward position and also have the ability to get rebounds and shots around the basket. Drum’s numbers would have been much higher if not for being injured for much of her Senior season and so contemplating the, what if, scenario would put her in a situation a coach would love to point to when needing some spark off the bench.

All-Time Stats for Lady Basketball

 Points                          Season Points                 Year
 Katie Williams        755       Ashley Pfaff          493     2009
 Tiffany Tschoepe      515       Tiffany Tschoepe      342     2010
 Ashley Pfaff          493       Reagan Heun           326     2014
 Amber Ramsey          443       Katie Williams        326     2012
 Megan Browning        428       Jessica McMurray      266     2009
 Kyndall Drum          374       Katie Williams        241     2011
 Amber West            358       Tiffany Arredondo     240     2009
 Tiffany Arredondo     332       Amber Ramsey          219     2012
 Reagan Heun           326       Olivia Flores         190     2012
                                 Kyndall Drum          149     2014

 Career Field Goals              Free Throws                  Blocks
 Katie Williams        315       Ashley Pfaff          152    Amber Ramsey        99
 Amber Ramsey          190       Tiffany Tschoepe      139    Katie Williams      73
 Tiffany Tschoepe      188       Megan Browning        133    Tiffany Tschoepe    48
 Ashley Pfaff          151       Katie Williams        119    Alexis Fullen       39
 Kyndall Drum          147       Tiffany Arredondo      96    Sarah Schneider     35
 Amber West            144       Kyndall Drum           82    Ashley Pfaff        29
 Megan Browning        136       Reagan Heun            64    Reagan Heun         15
 Reagan Heun           113       Amber Ramsey           60    Kyndall Drum        10

 Steals                          Assists                      3pt Shot
 Amber Ramsey          201       Tiffany Arredondo     125    Olivia Flores       42
 Katie Williams        139       Ashley Pfaff           89    Ashley Pfaff        39
 Amber West            127       Megan Browning         83    Reagan Heun         35
 Ashley Pfaff           96       Amber West             74    Megan Browning      23
 Tiffany Arredondo      90       Caitlyn Gillum         63    Jessica McMurray    14
 Alexa Ramos            60       Reagan Heun            39    Mia Riali           12
 Mia Riali              59                                    Amber West          10
 Katie Williams         56                                    Hannah St. John     10
 Reagan Heun            48
 Tiffany Tschoepe      579
 Katie Williams        559
 Amber Ramsey          558
 Kyndall Drum          377
 Megan Browning        235
 Ashley Pfaff          199
 Alexis Fullen         157
 Reagan Heun           146