Game Article, Softball | February 13, 2015

Softball: Hawks win final Scrimmage with the Billies, 3-2

Canyon Lake’s Softball team played their last scrimmage game last night in a win over Fredericksburg, 3-2.

Kelsey Ahrens is ready for season to start after last scrimmage with Fredericksburg

Kelsey Ahrens is ready for season to start after last scrimmage with Fredericksburg

“We’re progressing,” Head Coach John Gallagher said. “I saw a lot of good things tonight.”

Short and to the point as this team still has some confidence issues in the field and plate but the trek to having a more competitive team is much shorter than in year’s past.

The Hawks had just two Seniors on last year’s team and again this time around there will be just two Seniors to contribute on another young CL team sport.

“I am hoping for a successful season,” Senior Kelsey Ahrens led off. “A good year for us would be consistency and going forward and not taking a step back.”

On how just two seniors can motivate a team that is made up many more younger players? “We just have to keep talking to our teammates and know there will be times we will need to be mentally tough and need to step it up.”

Canyon Lake started last season with a strong pre-district record but when district play begin the Hawks just could not get a complete game.

There would always be one inning of a game that the downfall would happen and the end result did not have more runs than their opponent on many of those occasions.

Carly DuBois is so fast it is hard to get a picture with enough light.

Carly DuBois is so fast it is hard to get a picture with enough light.

Canyon Lake does have some players that turned it up last year as center fielder Carly DuBois was one of those players that put a ‘Wow’ in your vocabulary.

DuBois started her scrimmage season with two throw outs at the plate and a diving catch at the fence.

“This is really fun and I am excited,” DuBois said so quickly that by the time The ReSporter interviewer looked up after writing those comments, she was gone.

The recipient to those catches from the outfield was Kat Weber, who switched to catcher this year to help fill the shoes left from Brianna Young who was the Hawk’s catcher last season.

How Weber goes behind the plate will be a huge gain as she has shown she has the knowledge for the position.

“It certainly gives you a different perspective,” Weber said while commenting on her new position. “I’m trying to figure out that I need to catch the ball before looking for the runner coming to the plate.”

If last night’s game was any indication, then Weber is a fast learner as she got two outs at the plate that help keep this tight game in check and at the end, a CL team looking at the scoreboard and seeing a win.

Alexis Robinson pitched all four innings as Lauren Mentzer continues to nurse her sore shoulder before risking playing pitcher too soon.

Robinson gave up 3 hits and 2 walks, but worked out of trouble with 7 strikeouts to complete this win.

Now Canyon Lake will be playing for keeps as the Junior Varsity takes the field at home against Hill Country Christian Academy next Tuesday, February 17th at 5pm.

The Hawk Varsity will be in action that same week on Friday and Saturday in the Navarro Tournament.