This Week @ Canyon Lake

Corey Shedrock will be counted on behind the plate  and in the batter's box this season

Corey Shedrock will be counted on behind the plate and in the batter’s box this season

 This Week @ Canyon Lake

 Mon Mar 2nd  Fredericksburg @    Canyon Lake JV           Girls    Soccer   5:00pm
              Fredericksburg @    Canyon Lake              Girls    Soccer   7:00pm
              Canyon Lake JV @    Fredericksburg           Boys     Soccer   5:00pm
              Canyon Lake    @    Fredericksburg           Boys     Soccer   7:00pm
 Tue Mar 3rd  Canyon Lake    @    Wimberley (Quick Sand)   Girls    Golf     All Day
              Wimberley      @    Canyon Lake              Boys     Soccer   5:00pm
              Wimberley      @    Canyon Lake              Girls    Soccer   7:00pm
              Johnson City   @    Canyon Lake                       Baseball 6:00pm
              Canyon Lake    @    Bandera Track Meet                Track    4:00pm

 Wed Mar 4th  Canyon Lake    @    Wimberley (Quick Sand)   Boys     Golf     All Day
              Harper         @    Canyon Lake JV                    Softball 5:00pm
              Harper         @    Canyon Lake                       Softball 7:00pm
 Thu Mar 5th  Del Valle      @    Canyon Lake                       Baseball 12:15pm
              Burbank        @    Canyon Lake                       Baseball  2:30pm

 Fri Mar 6th  St. Michael's  @    Canyon Lake                       Baseball 12:15pm

 Sat Mar 7th  Lehman         @    Canyon Lake                       Baseball  2:30pm


Canyon Lake has had a sighting that Former Vice-President Al Gore was seen near the High School where he officially announced the Global Warming trend is retreating and not relevant anymore as the area has been on a cold snap for over a week.

Evident by the number of games that were cancelled last week in all the sports, The ReSporter, of course, is kidding about the sighting and also is a staunch believer that the so called ‘Warming’ is a hoax but now we will start to see if the ‘Ice Age’ has been reborn.

Meanwhile, Hawk Baseball and Softball was able to get early in the week games even tho the weather was not that balmy.

So, very little to report on happenings from this past week but the Softball team made the loudest statement as the disposed of Fredericksburg by a resounding 10 runs.

This softball team can have a say in having a good season as wins over Fredericksburg has happened in the past but this game showed several encouraging signs.

A line-up which has bats from the first to last hitter which will translate into many more rallies. Hence, the 11 run inning in that game with the Billies.

The rise of several younger players at the plate with some of the older players looking more comfortable at the plate.

Granted, last year’s team was looking good this time last year but district play was a whole different matter.

The Hawk’s Softball team will try to get some games (as well as the other sports) this week as winter weather will stretch into March.

Monday chance of showers 60 as a high
Tuesday chance of thunderstorms 71 as a high
Wednesday chance of thunderstorms 61 as a high
Thursday freezing rain 45 as a high and 29 as a low
You get the idea, another week of waiting for a call or text from the Coach to find out if the game is on or off.

Baseball had a decent week as they beat Llano and tied Marble Falls with a decent game with Liberty Hill and facing a minor league team in Houston Second Baptist.

Track did not have a chance to see if there had been any improvement but the Boy’s Golf team had another good outing finishing 5th out of 23 schools. Skyler Tschoepe finished 4th overall and Garrett Winters right behind carding an 82.

Jericho Anderson finished with a 91 and Brownlee and Sam Sheppard walk to the 19th hole with a 102 and 119 respectfully.

Girls Soccer beat Bandera which will go a long way in securing a playoff spot as the Boy’s Soccer team will have their work cut out for them and will need to carve out some wins.

Soccer has three rounds of district games and they are presently in their second round,

Some good things happening in Canyon Lake this Spring and look above for some times to go see some of these athletes represent this area.

Go Hawks!!