8th Annual Hawks Craw Fish Boil May 2nd from 3pm – 9pm

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The 8th Annual Hawks Craw Fish Boil will be held May2nd from 12noon -6pm on the lake at the Canyon Park Pavilion #1 located across from the Hancock Center


All proceeds will go towards CLHS and MVMS. Since inception we have raised $12,500 to many different CL youth activities.

Hawkscrafishboil.com profits go directly back to the Canyon Lake youth community!
Money collected, raised and donated goes directly to CL Hawk youth activities. Hawkscrafishboil.com does not keep, hold any monies as profit! We are 100% a volunteer organization.

Our Goals
Hawkscrawfishboil.com is a support arm for CL Hawk youth activities. We want to build a closer Hawk community by emphasizing academics and sports while building Hawk pride within our families and community. It is important that Hawkscrawfishboil.com continues to support our area business community with our patronization by help making families aware of the great services provided locally. This year we have 11 sponsorships from the community up from seven last year and CISD supporting the Craw Fish Boil.
We want to grow this event larger every year thus accomplishing a higher donation amounts, creating an event the CL can count on every year as a mainstay event which encompasses more community people from both sides of the lake were the CL community can come together for CL its self and get behind CLHS and MVM

Our History
Hawkscrawfishboil.com was founded in 2007 by a group of local parents in the Canyon Lake Hawk community with a vision of bringing together the Hawk community through youth sports. We saw a need for the Canyon Lake area to build a single identity centered on the “Hawk” icon, which is used as a school mascot in the area. “Hawk Strong” has become the motto of our organization because we have a mission to build in our children both strong bodies and a strong sense of community. To fulfill that mission, we have supported a series of sports camps focused on both general fitness as well as specialty sports such as football and cheerleading. We also have given to CLHS Booster Club, MVMS Coaches fund, Dance Teams, Canyon Lake Youth Soccer, CL Little league boys Base Ball, CL Youth Football and Cheer, CL girls Softball, and the Optimist Club of CL.
Our Philosophy
It is our philosophy that involved kids means involved families. By supporting our youth financially, we hope to keep both kids and families involved in the Canyon Lake activities.
2015 –
This year we have added a real and upcoming star in the music industry who is a personal friend of mine Singer | Songwriter from Austin Texas – Aaron Mcdonnell. Go check out his music @ aaronmcdonnell.com . He will play a little later in the evening around 5pm that day and will have CD’s, shirts and other items for purchase. He truly has a one of a kind voice. His biggest hit is “Sunsettin”.
To have a successful Craw Fish Boil we must have everyone who will attend to go on line or visit North Shore pharmacy and pre-pay for the event. We ask this because this is an all you can eat Craw Fish Boil and we need to purchase enough Craw Fish in advance to cover the crowd’s appetite. We get our Craw Fish from Dumisnil Craw Fish Farms in Rosharon, Texas which has been supply me since 1990-25 years and since craw fish are an open market item, prices due fluctuate. People who pre-pay will receive a wrist band and will be guaranteed first serve.
Our event will cost $25.00 per person and we will have soda’s water for a 1.00 and anyone can attend the event just come and hang out and have a good time. At most restaurants you have to pay $25-30 for 3-5 pounds only, here you can get filled up pretty cheap. We will have corn, potatoes, bread with each serving of course and you may bring your own favorites.
The parks swim beach is across the street and boat pull ups are accepted as we will be on the lake with access. If you want to come and bring your own food we welcome this too for those who do not like Craw Fish.

Please come out, pre-pay and register and enjoy a day at the lake while eating some very good Craw Fish cooked by Deron Lestugeon and yours truly.