Game Article, Track & Field | March 27, 2015

Canyon Lake Finishes Texans Relays

Senior Evan Schuller was high point for the Boys Track Team in Wimberley

Senior Evan Schuller was high point for the Boys Track Team in Wimberley

Canyon Lake is now brushing up on this next couple of weeks as the Hawk Coaches will be mix and matching which events to compete in when District 26-4A Meet comes calling in April.

The Hawks had some athletes not in attendance in Wimberley as they will be competing in Austin for the Texas Relays instead of running in last night’s Meet.

Evan Schuller and Joe Marple were high scorers last night scoring 10.5 and 14 points respectfully. Schuller best was a 2nd place finish in the Triple Jump as he is still right at the doorstep of getting over the 40 foot mark.

Marple got 12 of his points with the hurdle runs and Gerrit Wilkins finished first on his 110 Hurdle Run.

On the Girls side, Bailey Drum was high point scoring 22 points with high finishes in the Triple Jump and Hurdle runs. Mariah Ellis was second getting 19 points for the Hawks.

Canyon Lake will be in Wimberley next Wednesday for a tune up meet before district.

 Junior Varsity Hawk Boys                 Junior Varsity Hawk Girls
 400 M Dash                               100 M Dash
 Mike Thorpe       56.23      4th         Kayle Duke           13.69     5th
                                          Sharon Alexander     13.84     6th
 1600 M Run
 Calvin Graves     5:31.58    5th         200 M Dash
                                          Alyssa Natal         28.45     1st
 110 M Hurdles
 Gerrit Wilkins    17:00       1st        300 M Hurdles
 Joe Marple        17.44       4th        Abby Freund          53.10     4th
 300 M Hurdles                            4x100 M Relay        55.07     3rd
 Joe Marple        45.54       2nd        Kayle Duke          Gabby Sanchez
 Caimen McDonough  46.36       4th        Jasmine Ramos       Ashlie Shipman

 4x200 M Relay     1:42.18     6th        4x200 M Relay        1:57.12   2nd
 James Alexander      Johnny Soliz        Jasmine Ramos       Kayle Duke
 Tanner Faris         Austin Brennan      Gabby Sanchez       Alyssa Natal

 4x400 M Relay     3:49.10     4th        4x400 M Relay        4:44.44   3rd
 Joe Marple           Chris Cole          Gabby Sanchez       Jaydian Loftis
 Gerrit Wilkins       Mike Thorpe         Felicity Neistemski Alyssa Natal

 Long Jump                                Long Jump
 Chris Cole        18-3        2nd        Sharon Alexander     15-8      1st

 High Jump                                Shot Put
 Tanner Faris      5-4         3rd        Cassidy Martin       29-9.5    2nd
 Caimen McDonough  5-2         4th       
 Aidan Bea         5-2         6th        Discus
                                          Cassidy Martin       88-2.5    2nd
                                          Triple Jump
                                          Emily McDonald       30-4.5    2nd
 CL Hawk Varsity Boys                     CL Hawk Varsity Girls
 800 M Run                                200 M Dash
 Austin Camacho    2:09.93     5th        Mariah Ellis         27.76     6th
 4x100 M Relay     45.94       4th        400 M Dash
 Will Joyner       Tommy Clark            Dana Buhr            56.00     5th
 Matt Adams        Evan Schuller          
                                          800 M Run
 4x200 M Relay     1:35.90     6th        Mariah Ellis         2:32.07   5th
 Will Joyner       Garret Grundi          100 M Hurdles
 Matt Adams        Evan Schuller          Bailey Drum          16.60     3rd
                                          Sydney Riebschlaeger 16.68     4th
4x400 M Relay      3:34.53     3rd        300 M Hurdles
Austin Camacho     Heath McDonough        Bailey Drum          50.75     4th
Will Joyner        Lester Boehme
                                          4x200 M Relay        1:55.08   6th
Triple Jump                               Alexa Ramos          Alysha Perez
Evan Schuller      39-10.5     2nd        Sophia Thorpe        Skylar Hurst

High Jump                                 4x400 M Relay        4:23.56   4th
Heath McDonough    5-10        5th        Mariah Ellis         Bailey Drum
                                          Sophia Thorpe        Dana Buhr
Pole Vault            
Tommy Clark        11-0        3rd        Long Jump
                                          Mariah Ellis         15-10.25  2nd
                                          Triple Jump
                                          Bailey Drum          35-7.5    1st
                                          Sydney Reibschlaeger 33-1.5    6th

                                          High Jump
                                          Mariah Ellis         4-10      3rd

 Top 3 Point Scorers 
 Varsity Hawk Boys                        Varsity Hawk Girls
 Evan Schuller      10.5                  Bailey Drum          22
 Tommy Clark         8.0                  Mariah Ellis         19
 Will Joyner         5.5                  Sydney Riebschlaeger  5
 Junior Varsity Hawk Boys                 Junior Varsity Hawk Girls
 Joe Marple         14                    Alyssa Natal         17
 Gerrit Wilkins     12                    Cassidy Martin       16
 Chris Cole         10                    Sharon Alexander     11