Coaches Corner, Track & Field | March 23, 2015

Coaches Corner with John Barthels Girls Track

Triple Jumper Bailey Drum wants to go further.

Triple Jumper Bailey Drum wants to go further.

The ReSporter: Is your team at full strength as you head to District play?

Coach Barthels: “Yes, we are at full strength with most of our girls having better times each week in the running events and better distances and heights on field events.”

The ReSporter: What event will be the strongest and why?

Coach Barthels: “At this point in time I would say that our hurdle events are the strongest right now with Bailey, Sydney and Abby all getting better as the year goes on. Our Sprint relay is running the fastest times ever at CLHS with the 4×200 relay on track to one of the best times ever. That being said, we are still a ways in each event from the front runners of the district, but the girls are working hard to make up any time possible including better timing of the handoffs.”

The ReSporter: Are the girls where they need to be performance wise as they head to the tape?

Coach Barthels: “At this point in the season we are getting better and on track to where we need to be. There are several girls that are just now understanding their potential and we will be looking at making that potential a reality.”

The ReSporter: What do you work on with these girls more as you get them ready for their ultimate challenge for district?

Coach Barthels: “Believing in themselves is probably the biggest challenge. We have run too many races where they are telling me they are not fully exhausted, which means the “kick” needs to be put into place much sooner.”

The ReSporter: Any final thoughts?

Coach Barthels: “The girls are working hard and are very competitive and do not like to be in the back of the pack.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and  good luck as you prepare for district.