This Week @ Canyon Lake

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This Week @ Canyon Lake

 Mon Mar 16    CL Hawks JV     @    Cuero                Baseball   5:00pm
               CL Hawks JV     @    Cuero                Baseball   7:00pm

 Tue Mar 17    Navarro         @    CL Hawks             Softball   6:00pm
               Navarro         @    CL Hawks             Baseball   7:00pm

 Wed Mar 18    Fredericksburg  @    CL Hawks JV    Boys  Soccer     5:00pm
               Fredericksburg  @    CL Hawks       Boys  Soccer     7:00pm
               CL Hawks        @    Fredericksburg Girls Soccer     7:00pm

 Fri Mar 20    CL Hawks JV     @    Cuero                Softball   4:30pm
               CL Hawks        @    Cuero                Softball   6:00pm
               CL Hawks        @    Wimberley      Girls Soccer     5:00pm
               CL Hawks        @    Wimberley      Boys  Soccer     7:00pm
               CL Hawks        @    Cuero                Baseball   7:00pm


It was a week to forget for Canyon Lake’s Softball team as they lost two district games in the last inning giving up 3 and 4 runs respectfully last week.

Not a good start for CL as this team had a chance of starting on fire if they could have held on in those two games.

Now the Hawks will be facing another week where they will need to right the ship and start heading in the right direction.

Can they do it? They certainly have the puzzle pieces that say they can, now putting those pieces in the right place will help and give CL a better picture of what they are putting together.

Baseball will be starting their district play this week when they also welcome Navarro for a 7pm start and a chance to make some noise in their new district.

This group of teams might be just as tough as last year’s district and will certainly hope that this group of seniors will be able to overcome their downfall last season and get back into post-season play.

Speaking of post-season: Canyon Lake’s Boys Soccer has a chance to take a step after their huge victory over Bandera last Friday.

Just having a chance of going over scenarios of what needs to happen here or there makes this a whole different situation than in years past.

The Boys Soccer and Boys Basketball teams are the last two sports that has not had an opportunity to taste a chance of continuing play after the last regular season game since Canyon Lake opened their doors.

Any victory coupled with a Bandera loss will do the trick for any team and then the haggling will convene if both teams end the season tied.

Coach Warren Graham said this about the post-season chance, “District policy says that should we be tied, we would first go off of head-to-head record. That would be a tie, so we have the option of flipping a coin, using the zip code method, or playing a play-in game on Monday. I would prefer the play-in game and I’m fairly certain Bandera’s coach would as well.”

The Girls Soccer team will have a playoff spot and now they would like the opportunity to upgrade to a higher seed with two wins this week.

This is the last week of the regular season for Soccer and so if a tie is realized for the Boy’s team then the boys team will go at it for a do or die game, Monday March 23rd.

Golf and Track & Field will take Spring Break off this week and be back in action the following week.

Lot’s of action on Tuesday at the Baseball/Softball/Soccer fields and then Friday a short drive to Wimberley for Soccer or a longer drive to Cuero for some Base/Soft ball.

Go Hawks!!