Player Profile, Track & Field | April 22, 2015

Catching Up with Some Track & Field Students

Track Season is in their phase of Playoffs, as the Hawk Boy’s and Girl’s Team will take the stage in the Area Track Meet featuring District 25-4A and 26-4A schools on Thursday.

The Hilltop ReSporter had an opportunity to talk to several of the students that will be competing and will share their thoughts going into this meet that will give them a chance to showcase their skills in Kingsville for the Region Meet.

Austin Camacho will be running 800 Meters for a chance to reach Regions

Austin Camacho will be running 800 Meters for a chance to reach Regions

The ReSporter caught up with Austin Camacho first.

The ReSporter: Hey Austin, what are you trying to hit time wise on your first lap?

Austin Camacho: “You’ve got to think smart when running and I will have three coaches giving me times while I am running, but I would like to finishing the first lap with a 60 or 61 seconds, but the coaches are giving me times at the 100 and 200 marks and I like having a pace and time at those places.”

The ReSporter: When you said you have to, ‘think smart’, what do you mean?

Austin Camacho: “I’m thinking how I am going to attack both laps…..I need to stay on pace and on the 2nd lap I am thinking where I need to pack it and take advantage and not slowing down.”

The ReSporter: You got your personal best running the 800 in district what were you thinking as you finished that race?

Austin Camacho: “I heard the people on the field but I did not see what the guy was doing that was behind me…but I knew he was close and I was just hoping I could hold the lead.”

“I felt in a zone for the whole race and at about the 200 yard mark, I thought, ‘Holy Crap’, I’m tired..for that last 200 yards you don’t get tired mentally and you just have to go big.”

The ReSporter: So, with all things considered did you run your race the way you wanted during district?

Austin Camacho: “Before the race I got a little sick and that is when I made a mental adjustment right there.”

The ReSporter: Good luck and The ReSporter hopes you get sicker on Thursday so you can beat your time and make it to Region.

The ReSporter: Talking to Mariah Ellis and Bailey Drum next as both of these athletes are competing in more than one event. How do you two, focus when you have more than one event to compete in?

Mariah Ellis and Bailey Drum will be passing the baton in the 4x400 Meter Relay

Mariah Ellis and Bailey Drum will be passing the baton in the 4×400 Meter Relay

Mariah Ellis: “It isn’t that hard since they are not close when you compete.”

Bailey Drum: “Yeah, mine are spread out and so I can rest and get mentally ready for the next one.”

Mariah Ellis: “I like to be busy and so it actually helps me.”

The ReSporter: You both are on the 4×400 relay, how do you feel you can do on this race?

Bailey Drum: “I think it is possible that we can make it to Region.”

Mariah Ellis: “I really want to break the school record in the 4×400 relay.”

The ReSporter: What will you need to do to break that record?

Bailey Drum: “We will need to improve a second a person…”

The ReSporter: That would be great, but passing the baton is important in getting faster too. What if your teammate is running a great 400, or faster than usual, how do you make that adjustment?

Bailey Drum: “I look at the feet and you want to pull them across the line. Our handoff is down.”

Mariah Ellis: “I have short arms and a short stride so I just need to take three steps, but we do need to pull them across the line.”

The ReSporter: Mariah, your other event is your favorite event, the 3200 meter run…(said with a sarcastically)

Mariah Ellis: “I don’t like that race but I just don’t want to get last, I will say, ‘come on Mariah and finish the best I can.”

The ReSporter: Good luck girls and get to Regions.

The ReSporter: Hey Heath McDonough, how will you do this Thursday?

Sophomore Heath McDonough will be flying high in hopes of landing his second Region Meet

Sophomore Heath McDonough will be flying high in hopes of landing his second Region Meet

Heath McDonough: “I think it will come down to misses, I just need to get to 6-2 for the High Jump. I have had a good week and it was better than the week before district….I am just more rested.”

The ReSporter: Does having this Area Meet at home help you?

Heath McDonough: “Yes, I like it better at home….I like the air conditioner.”

The ReSporter: Wow, I guess it is hard finding an air conditioner when you compete at other tracks?

Heath McDonough: “Yeah, at Cuero (District Meet) we had to stay outside in the heat and at home I can just go find an air conditioner and I know where I can rest.”

The ReSporter: So, you feel good about the high jump and you also will be running in the 4×400 Relay.

Heath McDonough: “If I can clear 6-2 with no misses and run a 51 second split in the 400 relay then that would be a great meet.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about the 4×400 relay….you guys ran the second fastest in Hawk history at district, but you will still need to improve on that time if you want to quailfy for Region.

Heath McDonough: “I want to run the first 300 yards faster, last time I ran I still had a lot left so I will try to drag the runner through for my handoff, but we all need a 51 second split.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Heath, good luck on Thursday and I think I can probably find you near an air conditioner sometime on the day of competition.

The ReSporter has a list of the top 4 qualifiers from District 25-4A and comparing with what your Hawk athletes have done this season, giving you an idea of what time or distance or height needed to be in the top 4 to qualify for the next round.

 Top 4 From District 25-4A Track Meet
 Boys                                 Girls
 400 Meter Dash                       3200 Meter Run
 Isaiah Pittman    Taylor   48.35     McKynzie King    Liberty Hill     11:49.82
 NicholasHernandez LHill    50.40     Abby Bullock     Burnet           12:41.12
 Brock Foster      Burnet   52.06     Autumn Freasier  Burnet           13:00.03
 Justin Zuhn       LHill    52.21     Mariah Ellis     CL Hawks         13:08.46
 Lester Boehme     CL Hawks 53.28     Katie Ewton      Salado           13:19.82

 800 Meter Run                        100 Meter Hurdles
 Jason Gann       Llano     2:04.49   Bethany McLeod       Lib Hill     15.86
 Austin Camacho   CL Hawks  2:04.75   Miranda Weeks        Burnet       16.06
 Justin Paris     Taylor    2:07.01   Summir Hill          Burnet       16.28
 Ray Ryan         LHill     2:09.79   Bailey Drum          CL Hawks     17.00
 AustinGlacomozzi Salado    2:10.10   Sydney Riebschlaeger CL Hawks     17.22
 110 Meter Hurdles                    Sierra French        Burnet       17.36
 Clark Griffith   Taylor    14.62     300 Meter Hurdles
 Ian Carter       Burnet    14.74     Ana Rodriquez        Lib Hill      47.86
 Dylan Gatlin     Burnet    14.95     Macy Thrasher        Salado        49.99
 Wes Shackelford  Burnet    15.05     Bethany McLeod       Lib Hill      50.55
 Brandon Courtney CL Hawks  16.04     Bailey Drum          CL Hawks      50.64
 300 Meter Hurdles                    Sydney Riebschlaeger CL Hawks      52.40
 Luke Argo        Lampasas  39.70     Summir Hill          Burnet        52.91
 Brandon Courtney CL Hawks  39.96     Triple Jump
 Clark Griffith   Taylor    40.38     Virginia Kerley      Taylor        38-9
 Wes Shackelford  Burnet    41.53     Bailey Drum          CL Hawks      37-0.5
 Dylan Gatlin     Burnet    42.12     Marissa Escamilia    Burnet        36-6.25
 High Jump                            Skylar Hurst         CL Hawks      34-1.75
 Cody Jones       Burnet    6-4       Kaymon Lange         Llano         33-6.25
 Heath McDonough  CL Hawks  6-2       Megan Schmidt        Burnet        33-4.75
 Clark Griffith   Taylor    6-2       4x400 Meter Relay
 Jacob Quick      Salado    6-0       Taylor                4:00.62
 James Franklin   Lampasas  5-10      Liberty Hill          4:00.85
 Pole Vault                           Salado                4:14.17
 Michael Lindley  Burnet    13-0      CL Hawks              4:14.24
 Cody Miller      Llano     13-0      Lampasas              4:22.19
 Spencer Maples   Lampasas  13-0
 Jace Hankins     Lampasas  12-6
 Tommy Clark      CL Hawks  11-0
 4x400 Meter Relay
 Burnet           3:22.04
 Liberty Hill     3:23.57
 Taylor           3:25.94
 CL Hawks         3:29.91
 Llano            3:31.34