Game Article, Track & Field | April 24, 2015

CL Hawks Have 2 that Qualify for Region Meet

Hawks dominate in the Hurdles

Hawks dominate in the Hurdles

Canyon Lake now has two athletes continuing into the Region Meet in Kingsville as Bailey Drum and Brandon Courtney punched their ticket in the hurdle events.

Drum placed with a 4th place finish in the 100 Meter Hurdles, while Courtney qualified with his personal best 300 Meter Hurdle run finishing with 39.68 time and a second place finish.

Region Meet will be run May 1-2 at Kingsville A&M on Friday and Saturday.

The other Hawk Athletes performed admirable as they finish out this track season.

In both 4×400 Meter Relay races, the Hawk’s Boys and Girls improved their time and the Girls had a Hawk Record when they passed by the finish line, 4:09.66 beating the 2013 Hawk Mile Relay team by almost a full second.

                             Hawk Bests
2015  4:09.66 Mariah Ellis, Bailey Drum, Sophia Thorpe, and Hannah Young
2013  4:10.53 Amber Ramsey, Mariah Ellis, Hannah Graves, Brookelynn Helmke
2012  4:11.15 Ramsey, Ellis, Helmke, Caitlyn Collins
2010  4:11.18 Collins, Tiffany Tschoepe, Jessica Cunningham, Brittany Adamson
2011  4:11.67 Collins, Helmke, Hannah St. John, Cunningham
2014  4:13.63 Grace Allen, Drum, Molli McIntire, Ellis
2009  ------- There was no Mile Relay team for 2009

The Boy’s Relay team just missed the record performed in the 2012 season but what is more impressive is that this group of runners had 2 Freshman and 2 Sophomores running the race giving you an idea of how good this group will be in the coming years.

                             Hawk Bests
2012  3:26.55 Henshaw, Camarillo, Hubnik, Covarrubias
2015  3:26.68 Will Joyner, Lester Boehme, Heath McDonough, Brandon Courtney
2014  3:30.14 Isaac Mendez, Javier Mendez, Courtney, Relkin
2011  3:30.81 Henshaw, Pedranti, Griffin, Covarrubias
2010  3:31.72 Covarrubias, Griffin, Pedranti, Jones
2013  3:33.69 Hubnik, Anderson, Grundei, Relkin
2009  3:37.95 Jones, Douglas, Stone, Rica

Canyon Lake represents many townships circling the lake and The ReSporter would like to add another town and call it Hurdle City.

Hurdle City is for all the Hawk Athletes from High School to Mountain Valley Middle School that has been dominating this whole season.

Adding up all the points for the girls and boys from the District Meet will give you an idea of just how strong event this will be.

                   Boys  Girls  Total (pts include 100/110 &300 M Hurdle races)
 MVMS Hawks 7th:    18    23     41
 MVMS Hawks 8th:    15    20     35
 CL Hawks    JV:    29     0     29
 CL Hawks   Var:    16    21     37
 Total              78    64    142

Canyon Lake has a lot of good hurdlers and these two events will continue to shine as the Hawks will see if Drum and Courtney can continue their march next week in Kingsville.