Game Article, Track & Field | April 19, 2015

CL Hawks JV Win District Meet while CL Varsity finishes 4th Overall


Hawks dominate in the Hurdles

Micah St. John and the Hawks dominate in the Hurdles

Canyon Lake Boy’s Track Team will have six students taking their craft to the Area Meet on April 23rd at home.

The Boy’s Varsity finished 4th overall as the future will certainly be on the upswing as the Junior Varsity finished on top in this year’s District 26-4A Track Meet.

Brandon Courtney will represent CL in three events as he continues to shine in both hurdle runs while also helping the 4×400 Meter Relay team to a 3rd place finish with a time that has only been topped one time for the Hawks back during the 2012 team.

Henshaw, Camarillo, Hubnik and Covarrubias has the record when they finished with a 3:26.55 that season.

Courtney’s 300 Meter Hurdle run was the first ever to break the 40 second barrier and with a little more adrenaline, this Hawk could have a chance of doing well at Regions.

Austin Camacho won the 800 Meter Run and in so doing broke his previous Hawk record and will now concentrate on breaking that elusive two minute barrier which could also have a high finish in the Area Meet this Saturday.

Freshman and Sophomores make up this year’s Mile Relay squad and breaking the 3:30 mark will hopefully have good results as this relay team hopes to continue their climb to lower time barriers.

Heath McDonough continues to shine in the High Jump and will add the Mile Relay to his resume during this week’s Area Meet.

Lester Boehme will run the 400 Meter Dash and then continue that run again for the Mile Relay team this week.

Senior Tommy Clark qualified in the Pole Vault after watching from the sidelines last year while nursing an injury. Qualifying for the Area Meet was certainly a sweet carrot for this young man as he finishes out an outstanding athletic career for Canyon Lake.

Freshman Will Joyner qualified in the Mile Relay and he will get a taste of being in the Track & Field version of the playoffs and it will go a long way in developing three more years of excellence.

The Hawk Junior Varsity was well represented as Gerrit Wilkins turned in a 30 point Meet and served notice that he will be ready in helping the Varsity for next season.

Hurdles will be a strength for Canyon Lake as Wilkins and Joe Marple both finished 1st and 2nd in the 300 Meter Hurdles and when you add Courtney who is a Sophomore running for the Varsity, then that will add many points in future meets.

Wilkins finished first in the Triple Jump helping him to take the high point man for the Hawks.

Tanner Faris and Chris Cole finished with 25 & 21 points respectfully adding more depth in helping this JV Team to finish a head of Wimberley by 7 points for the team tiltle.

Faris finished 1st in the 200 Meter Dash and Cole won in the Long Jump just ahead of Faris.

Marple (19) and Joseph Ruiz (15) finished out the top five Hawk scorers as Marple continued the family tradition as his older sister (Katie Marple) still has the second best 300 Meter Hurdle for the girls, that she ran in 2011 with a 49.97 run.

The JV Hawks will be poised for next season as another year of working on their events will enhance some exciting times for future events.

Clark is the only Senior to qualify for the next round of events and that will make Track & Field a fun time for Hawk fans to see their sons and daughters shine for this community.

Congratulations and Go Hawks!!

                     Boy's Junior Varsity Team Points
                     1st  CL Hawks         139
                     2nd  Wimberley        132
                     3rd  Navarro          129
                     4th  Gonzales          72
                     5th  La Vernia         63
                     6th  Cuero             45
                     7th  Yoakum            40

 name                event          place      time/distance       pts
 Joseph Ruiz         100 M Dash     2nd          12.09              8
 Tanner Faris        200 M Dash     1st          23.79             10
 Chris Cole          200 M Dash     3rd          24.32              6
 Johnny Soliz        400 M Dash     3rd          56.69              6
 Isaiah Daily        800 M Run      5th          2:19.22            2
 Gerrit Wilkins      110 M Hurdles  1st          16.74             10
 Joe Marple          110 M Hurdles  6th          18.28              1
 Joe Marple          300 M Hurdles  1st          42.26             10
 Gerrit Wilkins      300 M Hurdles  2nd          43.81              8
 Chris Cole          Long Jump      1st          19-4              10
 Tanner Faris        Long Jump      3rd          18-7               6
 Gerrit Wilkins      Triple Jump    1st          40-9              10
 Joe Marple          Triple Jump    3rd          38-1               6
 Aidan Bea           High Jump      2nd          5-8                8
 Tanner Faris        High Jump      5th          5-6                2

                     4x100 M Relay  3rd          45.99             12
 Austin Brennan      Chris Cole
 Tanner Faris        Joseph Ruiz

                     4x200 M Relay  2nd          1:37.37           16
 Austin Brennan      Johnny Soliz
 Tanner Faris        Joseph Ruiz

                     4x400 M Relay  4th          3:50.27            8
 Joe Marple          Chris Cole
 Gerrit Wilkins      Caimen McDonough

                      High Point Top Five
                      1.  Gerrit Wilkins   30
                      2.  Tanner Faris     25
                      3.  Chris Cole       21
                      4.  Joe Marple       19
                      5.  Joseph Ruiz      15


                      Boys Varsity Team Points
                      1st Yoakum        194
                      2nd La Vernia     125
                      3rd Cuero         112
                      4th CL Hawks       59
                      5th Navarro        52
                      6th Wimberley      40
                      7th Gonzales       38

 name                 event          place      time/distance       pts
 Lester Boehme        400 M Dash     4th          53.28              4
 Austin Camacho       800 M Run      1st          2:04.75           10
 Nash Opperman        3200 M Run     6th          11:14.49           1
 Brandon Courtney     110 M Hurdles  3rd          16.04              6
 Brandon Courtney     300 M Hurdles  1st          39.96             10
 Heath McDonough      High Jump      2nd          6'0                8
 Tommy Clark          Pole Vault     4th          12-0               4

                      4x200 M Relay  5th          1:33.73            4
 Will Joyner          Matt Adams
 Garret Grundi        Tommy Clark

                      4x400 M Relay  3rd          3:29.91           12
 Lester Boehme        Will Joyner
 Heath McDonough      Brandon Courtney

                      High Point Top Five
                      Brandon Courtney     19
                      Heath McDonough      11
                      Austin Camacho       10
                      Lester Boehme         7
                      Tommy Clark           5

                      Area Meet Qualifiers
 Lester Boehme        400 Meter Dash    Mile Relay
 Austin Camacho       800 Meter Run
 Brandon Courtney     110 & 300 Meter Hurdles    Mile Relay
 Heath McDonough      High Jump         Mile Relay
 Tommy Clark          Pole Vault
 Will Joyner          Mile Relay