Coaches Corner, Track & Field | April 21, 2015

Coaches Corner with Boy’s Head Track Coach Troy Moses

The ReSporter: What are your overall impressions for this group of athletes?

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Track and Field Coach Troy Moses

Coach Moses: “Right now they are enthusiastic and working hard to improve. That has made it fun to coach.”

The ReSporter: You have to feel emboldened when you look at how young your team is and how stacked of an incoming group of young man enter into next year’s season.
Coach Moses: “We have a very good young group of athletes. There are good jumpers and runners and hurdlers, and that has the potential to be a very good track team in the upcoming years. But, at this point it’s only POTENTIAL!!!

The ReSporter: What does it take for a student to be able to realize their goal and get to a Region Meet?
Coach Moses: “They must have a passion for success, the determination to show up every day and work!!! We are fortune to be in a very talented Area Meet, most of the State qualifiers at next week’s regional meet will come from this Area Meet. So for us to qualify for the Region Meet, we must perform at a very high level.”

The ReSporter: How do you tinker with the Relay events when figuring out who will run?
Coach Moses: “It varies from year to year. Just like in any sport, it depends on what type of team you’re going to have and the different combination of athletes you have to work with. Ultimately our goal is to win the TEAM championship.”

The ReSporter: Going with that last question, since each athlete can only compete in 3 running events, is it more advantageous to have individual finishes vs. using that person in a Relay?
Coach Moses: “Same answer as previous question.”

The ReSporter: I know depth is a key issue for this sport, how do you see Canyon Lake in competing with teams that finished near the top in this year’s district meet?
Coach Moses: “In terms of depth, we had more depth than all the teams at the district meet, when you look at JV and Varsity together. I’m not for sure how the other schools are, are they young or not. But the future is bright for Canyon Lake track and field.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck this Thursday!!