Player Profile, Track & Field | April 15, 2015

Evan Schuller Will Triple Jump Across the Stage

Senior Evan Schuller finishes strong with Canyon Lake Sports

Senior Evan Schuller finishes strong with Canyon Lake Sports

Canyon Lake seems to have a disease that goes around about this time of the year that affects many students.

Senior(itis) seems to be more of a problem at CL than other schools.

A look at schools like Fredericksburg and Yoakum, you will see track teams that have a lot of athletes that are finishing the race as they finish out their high school career.

Evan Schuller is bucking that (itis) trend as he is very involved as he finishes his playing days being involved with 5 track events.

“I did not do any track but Coach wanted me to get involved in my Junior year for football,” Schuller said.

Now Schuller is liking track and is all in for his final year of school, since he does not have another year of football, therefore nothing to be held accountable by coaches.

“I just want to be good at it,” Schuller broke from the blocks. “The big thing is to get better for my last year in the long jump and triple jump….I am just not fast enough for the sprints.”

Canyon Lake has had some good track athletes in those first year’s at school, but when their senior year comes around, going out for track just does not have the appeal it had when they were younger.

Goals are what drives Schuller as he showed in football as a receiver these past two years and now as he finishes his playing career he wants to go out with a bang.

“My main goal is wanting to beat the school record and break 42 feet in the triple jump,” Schuller jumped. “Getting a personal best in the long jump and just try to run as fast as I can and get better times in every meet.”

Senioritis will not be a disease that will be able to catch up with Schuller as he will finish his time as a Hawk giving everything he can for himself and school.

“I’m enjoying it more,” Schuller continued like a long distance runner. “The big thing is to get better for your last year….I will worry about myself and try to get be better.”

“I do have one more goal and that would be to have fun and going to Regional Meet would be a big thing.”

The ReSporter admires people like Schuller as he realizes that you are only in high school once and he will not look back on his last year wishing he would have, because he has finished his time having fun and competing at a high level.

Thanks Evan and all those athletes that are finishing their time at Canyon Lake as he will surely be able to jump across the stage getting his diploma.

Go Hawks!!