Game Article, Track & Field | April 19, 2015

Hawk’s Girls Track Place 6 for Area Meet, While JV Finish 2nd in District 26-4A

Senior Mariah Ellis and five other Hawks are heading to Area Meet this week.

Senior Mariah Ellis and five other Hawks are heading to Area Meet this week.

Canyon Lake will be a fun place to hang out these next few years on the cinders as the Girls and Boys Junior Varsity finished 2nd and 1st respectfully in this year’s District 26-4A Track Meet.

Rain has been a constant during this track season and the district was no different as schedules were changed throughout this meet in order to finish before weather took control.

There was an hour delay but all the events were completed as the Hawks finished with 381 combined points counting both JV and Varsity teams.

Sophomore Kaylie Duke turned in a glowing day of work finishing with 28 points and scoring in four events for the Lady Hawk JV team.

Duke won the 100 Meter Dash and then ran legs in the 4×100 and 4×200 first place relay teams. She also added a second place finish for the long jump.

Felicity Neistemski was responsible for 21 Hawk points as she won the 800 Meter Run and finished second in the 400 Meter Dash. That 400 Meter finish was three seconds better than previous meets for Neistemski while that 800 run was four seconds lower than previous competitions this season.

CL’s 4×100 Relay knocked a second off their previous best and the 4×200 not to be outdone, reduced their best time of the year by a whopping two seconds.

Both relays garnered first place trophies for the day while the mile relay finished on the podium with a third place time.

Alyssa Natal won the 200 Meter Dash and helped the 4×200 relay team to a first place finish.

Ashley Shipman (16) and Emily McDonald (14) finished 2nd in the 200 meter dash and triple jump respectfully while also running in relays.

Gabby Sanchez and Jasmine Ramos ran in all three relay events and with two first place and one third place finish allowed these two young runners to get into double digit scoring with 13 points for the Hawks.

CL’s Girls Varsity was led with 25 points from Bailey Drum with a personal best for this season in the triple jump and long jump. Drum also lowered her best time in the 300 meter hurdles.

Mariah Ellis scored 12 points and qualified for the Regions with her first 3200 meter run for this season finishing in third place.

In total, Canyon Lake will have the following athletes continuing their season in the Area Meet that will be held at the Hawk’s Cinders, April 23rd.

Mariah Ellis         3200 Meter Run   4x400 Relay
Bailey Drum          Triple Jump      4x400 Relay    100 & 300 M Hurdles
Sydney Riebschlaeger 100 M Hurdles
Sophia Thorpe        4x400 Relay
Hannah Young         4x400 Relay
Skylar Hurst         Triple Jump
Girls Junior Varsity Team Points
             1st     Gonzales       169
             2nd     CL Hawks       124
             3rd     La Vernia      119
             4th     Wimberley       99
             5th     Yoakum          60
             6th     Cuero           46
             7th     Navarro         00

 name                 event         place       time/distance       pts
 Kaylie Duke          100 M Dash    1st            13.97            10
 Alyssa Natal         200 M Dash    1st            28.79            10
 Ashley Shipman       200 M Dash    2nd            29.01             8
 Felicity Neistemski  400 M Dash    2nd            67.09             8
 Emily McDonald       400 M Dash    3rd            68.99             6
 Felicity Neistemski  800 M Run     1st            2:41.15          10
 Kaylie Duke          Long Jump     2nd            14-3.75           8
 Cassidy Martin       Discus        4th            78-6              4
 Emily McDonald       Triple Jump   2nd            30-6              8

                      4x100 M Relay 1st            54.08            20
 Kaylie Duke          Gabby Sanchez
 Jasmine Ramos        Ashley Shipman

                      4x200 M Relay 1st            1:55.01          20
 Gabby Sanchez        Kaylie Duke
 Jasmine Ramos        Natal Alyssa

                      4x400 M Relay 3rd            4:36.27          12
 Gabby Sanchez        Felicity Neistemski
 Ashley Shipman       Jasmine Ramos

                             Top Five High Point
                             1. Kaylie Duke            28
                             2. Felicity Neistemski    21
                             3. Ashley Shipman         16
                             4. Alyssa Natal           15
                             5. Emily McDonald         14


 Girls Varsity Team Points
               1st Wimberley      166
               2nd Gonzales       105
               3rd Cuero           91
               4th La Vernia       76
               5th Navarro         70
               6th CL Hawks        59
               7th Yoakum          53

 name                 event         place       time/distance       pts
 Skylar Hurst         200 M Dash    6th            27.87             1
 Mariah Ellis         800 M Run     5th            2:33.06           2
 Mariah Ellis         3200 M Run    3rd            13:08.46          6
 Bailey Drum          100 M Hurdles 2nd            17.00             8
 Sydney Riebschlaeger 100 M Hurdles 3rd            17.22             6
 Bailey Drum          300 M Hurdles 3rd            50.64             6
 Sydney Riebschlaeger 300 M Hurdles 6th            52.40             1
 Bailey Drum          Long Jump     6th            16-3.25           1
 Bailey Drum          Triple Jump   2nd            37-0.5            8
 Skylar Hurst         Triple Jump   4th            34-1.75           4
 Mariah Ellis         High Jump     5th            5-0               2

                      4x100 M Relay 5th 52.60 4
 Alexa Ramos          Sophia Thorpe
 Alysha Perez         Skylar Hurst

                      4x200 M Relay 6th 1:52.82 2
 Alexa Ramos          Alysha Perez
 Sophia Thorpe        Skylar Hurst

                      4x400 M Relay 4th 4:14.24 8
 Sophia Thorpe        Bailey Drum
 Hannah Young         Mariah Ellis

                             Top 5 High Point
                             1. Bailey Drum           25
                             2. Mariah Ellis          12
                             3. Sydney Riebschlaeger   7
                             4. Skylar Hurst           6.5
                             5. Sophia Thorpe          3.5