Softball | May 1, 2015

CL Hawks Softball All-Star Team (continued)

Vicky Henderson would do whatever it took to get an out

Vicky Henderson would do whatever it took to get an out

The ReSporter will finish out the best Hawk Softball players and dream what kind of game these players would have if they actually were on the same team.

Last article had Missy Romero pitching, Alexis Robinson at first base, Brianna Young as the catcher, and Carly Dubois holding down center field.

              The dream batting order (so far):
                  cf    Carly Dubois
                  p     Missy Romero
                  1b    Alexis Robinson
                  c     Brianna Young

Next on the All-Hawk team would be Kelsey Ahrens who just finished her career with several stats with her name at the top.

Ahrens is another player that was not selected just for her bat, she was a good third baseman that was ranked high too.

Ahrens will give CL great power and another player that has the ability to get on base as she finished this season with the highest on base percentage (OBP) of any Hawk for a season of play.

Kelsey Ahrens holding what used to be a round Softball after her walk-off 3-run homer

Kelsey Ahrens holding what used to be a round Softball after her walk-off 3-run homer

Next up, Alex Henderson, who was the first of three Hendersons and The ReSporter will have Alex lock down second base.

Alex Henderson had her best year as a senior when her average was elevated and she was part of a team that still ranks high in fielding percentage.

A good base stealer for the middle of the line up doesn’t hurt either.

McKenna Beseda playing right field would be our next choice. Beseda ranks offensively as one of the top Hawks and her speed in the outfield will allow this team to cover every facet of turf.

Beseda was also an intense player that would do anything she could to help on the base paths.

The ReSporter will complete the outfield with Mary Jordan who would make every outfield position a given in getting fly balls and not allowing any ball to reach the ground without a Hawk being close for the catch.

Dubois, Beseda, and Jordan would be an outfield with speed and good glove play making opposing teams frustrated in getting balls to fall in the gap.

Jordan was another lead off batter for Canyon Lake and that would be another asset in giving this batting order some speed.

Finally, Vicky Henderson would be next in what is the toughest or busiest position in Softball, short stop.

Vicky (Hoover) Henderson was a human vacuum cleaner at that position and seldom if ever was their a ball she could not make a play on.

Vicky was not a stalwart in the batter’s box but she did have a respectable .270 lifetime average and is ranked in the top five in stolen bases.

Canyon Lake now has a pitcher (Romero) that can pitch to her defense as well as strike out one in three batters she faces and after this season having a good batting lineup you can make a point that fielding might be more important in getting wins when they are needed.

                     ab    r    h   bi   2b  3b  hr   bb   so   sb
 All Star Team     2203  517  734  400  115  32  17  277  349  174

                   batting ave     on base percentage     slugging percentage
 All Star Team        .333               .412                   .438

Other Hawk’s that were on the edge of being picked?

How about Tiffany Arredondo who had speed and great club and another lead off hitter.

Katy Payne, who hit the first home run and started the high standard for all catchers, which is a strong position for the Hawks.

Kat Weber who The ReSporter feels will certainly stand a chance of making this team as a couple more years will attest to.

Lilimae Daily was another good first baseman that played for that playoff team and had a great senior season.

To Recap with the Starting Line-up:

 name                     position           batting ave.     stand out stat
 Carly Dubois             center field          .408          37 stolen bases
 Missy Romero             pitcher               .359          2.77 era
 Alexis Robinson          first base            .368          .596 slugging pct
 Brianna Young            catcher               .367          .484 on base pct
 Kelsey Ahrens            third base            .332          76 rbi's
 Alex Henderson           second base           .277          25 stolen bases
 McKenna Beseda           right field           .376          .457 single season ave
 Mary Jordan              left field            .235          walked 26% of at bats
 Vicky Henderson          short stop            .270          9 sacrifice hits

 Katy Payne               catcher               .300          1st over fence hr     
 Tiffany Arredondo        outfield              .289          3 sb in one at bat
 Lilimae Daily            first base            .252          .306 ave sr. season
 Kat Weber                infield/catcher       .333          ss/c & .392 ave 2nd yr.