Top 5 Games for 2014-15 School Year

Five Top Games of 2014-15 School Year

Will Gray will be one of several players coming back for what could be a coming out party next year

Will Gray will be one of several players coming back for what could be a coming out party next year

The ReSporter will be having a 5-Part series talking about the top 5 sporting events of this season starting with the 5th Place game down to the number 1 (according to the ReSporter) game.

We will set up what was happening during the season of that sport and rehash that event.

If you would like to comment, then please feel free to give us your thoughts on that game or event and your thoughts.

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Game #5

Canyon Lake Basketball has not been a hot team sport throughout the beginning of the school’s sports.

This year, CL had a tough district and were always battling trying to keep their heads above water, but in their final game, Canyon Lake put on a clinic with one of their best games from start to finish.

Future Hawk Basketball Players getting ready for next Season

Future Hawk Basketball Players getting ready for next Season

Yoakum was the opponent and the Hawks ended up with a convincing win, 70-52.

This game made the list based on how the Seniors handed off to the younger players and there certainly can be some momentum heading into next year’s season.

Sophomore Rory Preiss was instrumental in this affair by having what could easily be one of the best one minute of action seen for the Hawks.

Preiss scored and dished assists with an energy not seen in the Canyon Lake gym on many occasions.

The good news is that Preiss will have a full two more years of showcasing a team that just might have a chance of getting over the hump.

Brandon Ward scored 9 points in the game and this Junior also made it clear that he could be the next sharp shooter for CL that can also handle the ball and give opposing teams more to worry about next year.

This game had the Hawks finishing with 7 players scoring 7 or more points and that put added pressure on Yoakum by giving them little rest as each group of Hawks took the floor.

Justin Ferris did not finish this game with points but he gave CL some great ball handling skills which can hopefully jump start other players with some easy buckets distributing the ball.

Tyler Williams will be counted on for next year as this underclassman scored 8 points in the win and will be one of the answers to replacing Mountain Man (Sean) Nolan this coming year.

Hawks taking instructions for battle

Hawks taking instructions for battle

Canyon Lake had a 4 point lead coming out of the half-time locker room and then the Hawks proceeded to score 40 points in the second half, or more than had been garnered in 13 full games during this campaign.

The contest was a good send off for the Seniors but the contest also gave fans a glimpse of things to come as many of those younger players seemed to play much older in this contest.

On this same night, CL’s, Junior Varsity club beat Yoakum and ended the season with a 9-3 record giving the Hawks more hope that next season could be different.

The JV team started the season with 2 players that moved up on the varsity, with Williams and Will Gray getting valuable minutes during the season.

Now you will have Gerrit Wilkins and Heath McDonough along with many others ready to take the next step this coming school year.

Want more? The Freshman team had an 8-4 district record and that bodes well for what could be a productive pipeline for future teams.

Canyon Lake is in a good place right now as they will attempt to break into the playoffs in the coming years.

Go Hawks!!