Sport News | June 5, 2015

Canyon Lake Tsunami will be Reaching Shore in August

CL Hawks Freshman Lost just one game last season. Thanks to Michelle Glay for photos

CL Hawks Freshman Lost just one game last season.
Thanks to Michelle Glay for photos

A Canyon Lake Tsunami warning might be posted soon as the recent rains made the Marina an island, but Mountain Valley has also had rising water as the last two classes have been loaded with athletes that has raised the level of Canyon Lake.

This past season, there were several students that had an opportunity to get significant playing time on varsity teams.

Take for instance the girl’s basketball team, where there were 2 Freshman that not only was playing, but also had a chance to move up on some of the All-Time Stats rankings.

Add that MV also had 2 Freshman ladies that had significant time on the court two years ago.

Reagan Heun finished her freshman season with 326 points, 146 rebounds, 39 assists, 35 made three pointers, and 15 blocks.

Freshman Basketball player Reagan Heun

Freshman Basketball player Reagan Heun

Alexa Ramos was the other Hawk freshman who entered last year’s campaign a little later after healing up some wounds, she had 145 points and 60 steals in her first year of play.

Sophomore Mia Riali was a freshman player the previous year and had another solid effort after scoring 132 points in her second season and Sophomore Alexis Fullen had 157 rebounds and led the team with 39 blocks.

The Freshman team had an 8-8 overall record and in district walked off the court in their last game sporting a 5-7 tally.

Take into account that two of their classmates were playing on the Varsity and by adding both Ramos and Heun to that freshman lineup you could see how both of those records would have been elevated.

Heun was tied with Katie Williams for 3rd for most points in a season.

 Heun/Alexa Ramos/Alexis Fullen
 Ranks 9th on all-time scoring.
 Ranks 8th on all-time field goals made. Alexis Fullen ranks 7th.
 Ranks 7th on all-time free throws made. Mia Riali ranks 12th. Alexa Ramos ranks 14th.
 Ranks 7th on all-time blocks. Alexis Fullen ranks 4th.
 Ranks 9th on all-time steals. Mia Riali ranks 6th. Alexa Ramos ranks 8th.
 Ranks 8th on all-time assists. Mia Riali ranks 11th. Alexa Ramos ranks 10th.
 Ranks 3rd on all-time three point field goals. Mia Riali ranks 6th.
 Ranks 8th on all-time rebounds. Alexis Fullen ranks 7th.

All the above after one season of play on Varsity for Heun, Ramos, Fullen and two years for Riali. Impressive.

Ramos was also part of many freshman ladies playing on the Soccer team that almost won their first playoff game this year.

Bring it on!!

Bring it on!!

Football was not void of a stellar group of freshman boys this past season as Will Joyner and Jacob Foster were both moved up to Varsity before the end of the season.

The Freshman Football team finished, 8-1 last season and have had that type of success through their middle school years.

“These kids are used to winning,” Head Coach Charley Drum stated. “That gets you excited and they just keep winning and knowing what to do to finish a game.”

A bigger surprise last season was how the Sophomores or JV team competed in their games.

This was a group of players that turned their season around, Big Time, as they took a freshman season where their only success was a tie into a year where they went, 6-3 and all those games were competitive.

“They bought in during the off season and worked hard,” Coach Drum said. “With them growing up and a lot of them matured and hit a growth spurt….The ones that stuck it out helped in providing depth.”

Canyon Lake will be welcoming in another group of Freshman that enjoyed the same type of success last year’s freshman had and with players starting to stock pile for a team that could change the landscape starting this year for CL sports.

“We have four Seniors coming back that had played a lot,” Drum continued. “It will depend on the year and needs for who might make a jump next year.”

“This group will have 14 to 15 positions for them that are wide open, so this will be competitive year for who might be taking those jobs.”

Canyon Lake’s Freshman team this past campaign had enough players for two teams, so there will be several players that will itching to have an opportunity to show what they can do with more open spots on JV and Varsity rosters.

“We will have our most competitive team we have ever had at Canyon Lake,” Drum said enthusiastically

The ReSporter will continue this series as we will look at all the sports and be prepared for what this Tsunami might bring to shore for the coming years.