A Conversation with Rodriguez, Ruff, and Chacon


Jacob Ruff, Austin Rodriguez, and Tristan Chacon ready to go to FBU

Jacob Ruff, Austin Rodriguez, and Tristan Chacon ready to go to FBU

The ReSporter had a press release earlier this week for three former Mountain Valley football players that will be in their debut season playing for Canyon Lake High School.

In that back drop The ReSporter wanted to have a chance for a more in depth interview with these three players.

Hope you enjoy reading more about these three future Hawks.

The ReSporter: How many students were at the camp you had that gave you a chance to compete in Ohio?

Jacob Ruff: “There was about 300 at each of their camps.”

The ReSporter: How many camps does DBU have during that time around the country?

Jacob Ruff: “Look on the back of my shirt….(Ruff said this as he was sporting a t-shirt with all the cities the camps were held).”

Tristan Chacon: “There are 12 to 14.”

Austin Rodriguez: “FBU will have three to four per position.”

The ReSporter: Even quarterback?

Austin Rodriguez: “No, that would be the one position that would not have that many picked.”

The ReSporter: What were your goals as you participated in the camp?

Tristan Chacon: “Do the best the we could.”

The ReSporter: How did you decide what position you would play?

Austin Rodriguez: “I only play on offense and so I just stayed with what I usually play.”

Jacob Ruff: “Running back, I just felt I could be better at this position….”

Tristan Chacon: “I just felt more comfortable with the offense so I picked running back.”

The ReSporter: You are having a chance to learn so much in a setting like this, what do you hope to accomplish with this week in Ohio?

Tristan Chacon: “One reason we did this was being able to bring back to school and help our team.”

Austin Rodriguez: “I just want to bring back what we learn and try to help educate so our whole team can become greater athletes.”

Jacob Ruff: “I also wanted to have a chance of bringing back what I learned and we can benefit our teammates in practice.”

The ReSporter: Not long before you will be out on the field for this coming season, what are your thoughts as this day gets closer?

Austin Rodriguez: “I want to finish undefeated!! 10-0, last year’s freshman team was 9-1 and we want to improve on that.”

Jacob Ruff: “District baby!!”

Tristan Chacon: “Mean green freshman team!!”

The Resporter: What does that mean?

Jacob Ruff: “Back when we were 8 years old that is what we were called and we had that saying everywhere.”

Tristan Chacon: “That was our first year of contact football but we were not as good as we are now as a team.”

Jacob Ruff: “Yeah, we had like four losses that year.”

The Resporter: Back to your trip and playing in the Top Gun camp, just being at a camp like this has to increase your football, IQ, wouldn’t it?

Tristan Chacon: “It will help us to develop teamwork, half of our time will be in the classroom.”

Austin Rodriguez: “We will get a high football IQ….we will be doing a lot of stuff based on what the coaches do.”

The ReSporter: So, they will be teaching basic football not specific slot-T offense or things like that.

Austin Rodriguez: “No, there will be more spread type of offense.”

Jacob Ruff: “We will do a general spread and normal offense.”

The ReSporter: Are you excited for your first time playing for Canyon Lake?

Tristan Chacon: “Yes sir, Very….I want us to make a name for ourselves.”

Jacob Ruff: “Very ready, I want to represent CL pride.”

Austin Rodriguez: “Very, and I am looking forward to a great year and hoping for more wins!

The ReSporter: Based on how you handle yourselves, then The ReSporter can hardly wait for a chance to cover you guys at Canyon Lake, thanks for coming out and sharing.