Volleyball | July 19, 2015

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Hawk Volleyball is Jumping into another season

Hawk Volleyball is Jumping into another season

The Volleyball season is looming and Canyon Lake finished with their best season ever last year.

The Hawks have been going at it ever since school has finished and the time to play for real is right around the corner.

Below this interview with Coach Paisley, The ReSporter, has put this year’s schedule up to district starting so you can mark your calendars for this year’s edition of Hawk Volleyball.

The ReSporter: If you could improve one aspect of the game for this season what would that be?

Coach Kim Paisley: Consistency!

The ReSporter: What has happened this Summer in the player’s league?

Coach Kim Paisley: “We had three teams in our summer league and they all did well with our first team winning it all.”

“We had all of our returnees on the first team and that consisted of 10 players….the other two teams had 8 each on their rosters.”

The ReSporter: Did they improve?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Definitely, they increased and really got after it and were even competitive with each other.”

The ReSporter: I see on your schedule, that you will not be going to Bastrop for one of your tournaments, what was your thinking in doing that?

Coach Kim Paisley: “We wanted to play some bigger schools and the San Antonio North East Tournament will have that and some smaller schools too. Those smaller schools coming will be good too.”

The ReSporter: What type of team will you have in replacing some of last year’s seniors?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Faith (Hasness) played well last year as a freshman on the JV squad and she has a good reach and is tall, but I am also impressed with her volleyball I. Q. and her physicality and mental game.”

The ReSporter: Is that what you are hoping for when these players are playing throughout the Summer?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Yes, we still have things we need to improve and fix and I want them to never be satisfied.”

The ReSporter: How do these players improve their I. Q. and game?

Coach Kim Paisley: “They are exposing and watching a lot of games. The girls will also be surrounding themselves with other players and being in different games and working on their techniques as a player.”

“It is good that they play with other girls and not the same team and that is how they can improve.”

The ReSporter: You had a lot of bucket list items that were reached last season. Have you formulated another set of goals for this season?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Beat Wimberley is always there as well as beating Liberty Hill this year.
I want to be District Champs and getting past where we were last year in the playoffs. I think we could reach the Regional Tournament.”

The ReSporter: Wow, that would be great to pull off….how do you instill that into your players?

Coach Kim Paisley: “We have a lot of momentum after we ended our season and I have told the girls that they will get a Gold Ball for District and a Banner for our gym.”

“I also told them we were going to give them a Gold Ball for every game we advance in the playoffs.”

The ReSporter: What stat line do you look for when you evaluate a game?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Kills, and what percentage we had in those kills….90% of our offense will be run to the outside, so seeing how we can get that stat is key.”

The ReSporter: You have a lot of returning players that played significant rolls for you last season….How do you get the best from those players?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Well, Addison (Farley) was substituted last year when she rotated to the back row. She has picked up her game and she won’t be substituted this year because of that improvement.”

“Whatever is best for our team is what we are going to do.”

The ReSporter: You also mentioned how Alexis Robinson played at the end of last season when she had to come in when Lillie Sander was hurt…

Coach Kim Paisley: “Robinson stepped up and accepted her roll as a sophomore and junior….she has worked on her middle and right side and I think she will help us this year.”

The ReSporter: I have been to countless games throughout the years and many times I will see a team look invincible in warm ups and then when play begins they disappear. What are you looking for when you watch your opponent and our team do warm ups?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Warm ups show if teams are ready to play…many teams can spike the ball during warm ups, but I watch for where they are hitting the ball and if their kills are just over the net then we can show our girls how to defense that.”

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on the district this season?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Cuero had a lot of young girls that were competitive….they are athletic and if they stay on the right track they will be better, they just need to have skill work. Wimberley and Navarro will be good again.”

The ReSporter: What are you hoping for as the season is right around the corner?

Coach Kim Paisley: “Consistency is important and we need to be on schedule.”

The ReSporter: What are your thoughts on the sub-varsity squads this season?

Coach Kim Paisley: “For the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams I am hoping for their numbers to be the same as last year, if not more. I think we will have a bigger participation and that will give me an opportunity to move them up.”

The ReSporter: Any parting shots on this year’s team?

Coach Kim Paisley: “By district, whatever weaknesses we have will be worked out and all the patterns of rotation—serving—and defense down.”

“Who is playing next to who we will play will be worked out…..If we know where our weakest rotation is then we will hammer them with serves to get them ready.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, if I learned anything from you, I am going to make a wild guess and say that you will be working on Consistency!!

Good luck and Go Hawks!!

 August 07     @ Blanco (Scrimmage)           10am          All Teams
 August 11     Liberty Hill/Clemens           10am          Fr/JV/Varsity
 August 14-15  @Tex-Fest Tourney Wimberley    TBD           Varsity
 August 18     Lockhart                       5 & 6pm       Fr/JV/Varsity
 August 20-22  NEISD Tourney                  TBD           Varsity
 August 25     @ Fredericksburg               530 & 630pm   Fr/JV/Varsity
 August 27-29  @ Rattler Tourney San Marcos   TBD           Varsity
 August 28     Blanco                         5 & 6pm       Fr/JV/Varsity
 Sept   01     Marion                         5 & 6pm       Fr/JV/Varsity
 Sept   04     @ St. Dominic Savio            430 & 6:30pm  Fr/JV/Varsity
 Sept   08     @ La Grange                    530 & 630pm   Fr/JV/Varsity
 Sept   10-12  @ Tex-Fest Tourney Wimberley   TBD           Fr/JV