Football | July 3, 2015

Third Hurdle for Hawks on the 2015 Campaign


Robert Woods fighting for a first down against Liberty Hill

Robert Woods fighting for a first down against Liberty Hill

Don’t forget that hurdles are a barrier that needs to be cleared by a track runner in order to finish a race.

hur dle noun

1. an upright frame, typically one of a series, that athletes in a race must jump over.

2. an obstacle or difficulty
Synonyms: obstacle, difficulty, problem, barrier, bar, snag, stumbling block, impediment, obstruction, complication, hindrance, hitch

The ReSporter is giving a list of hurdles that, if cleared, would give Canyon Lake a good season that might have a team with a chance of advancing past the second round of playoffs.

This next hurdle will be much like the last article as it revolves around one team.

Liberty Hill would be that next hurdle for the Hawks to fly over in order to put a statement out that this team is for real.

Y4 Custom Homes Sponsors Canyon Lake Sports

Y4 Custom Homes Sponsors Canyon Lake Sports

Last year, Canyon Lake lost to Wimberley and Liberty Hill by a combined 6 points.

This year both of these schools are picked in preseason polls as LH has been seen as high as 4th place in football prognosticator’s magazines.

That puts a heightened awareness of what clearing a hurdle like this would entail for Canyon Lake’s team.

Clearing this game would supply another step in giving this year’s team a way to give them a chance in winning their district.

The first district game and this contest was within one or two plays of a win last year as the Hawks held their own in the game stats, as they were knocking on the door for a touchdown as the game ended.

Canyon Lake was within striking distance of upending a team that runs the same offense.

Go back two years ago when the Hawks were playing their first season in the Slot-T offense and faced Navarro in their last game.

The Hawks looked like they were in slow motion against that Panther team that also had run the Slot-T offense for many years.

How Canyon Lake handled this Liberty Hill team was in a much more competitive atmosphere without wondering how many points the opponent would actually score.

Liberty Hill and Navarro are both very good slot-t teams and how CL played on this night was a much different ride home as the Hawks contemplated their next 4 district games.

Now going into the third year of running this offense, Canyon Lake will have a chance to make a statement to their district brethren, if they can clear this hurdle, then  many district teams will have a daunting hurdle to clear when they face this same team.

The game stats were close which shows that it was certainly a contest with good plays on defense and offense for both of teams.

 2014 Game Stats       Panthers       CL Hawks
 Total Yards           336            328
 First Downs           12             15
 Rushing/Yards         39/308         56/208
 Comp/Att/Int          1/3/0          9/14/0
 Passing Yards         28             120
 Punts/Average         2/45.5         4/29.2
 Fumbles/Lost          1/1            0/0
 Penalties-Yards       5-50           2-25
 TOP                   21:05          26:55

 Passing               Comp   Att   Pct   Yds   Int  TD
 Skyler Tschoepe       9      14   .643   120   0    0

 Rushing               Att    Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Josh DeVries          20     90    4.5   43   0
 Hayden DuBois         17     63    3.7   21   1
 Robert Woods          14     59    4.2   10   0
 Skyler Tschoepe        5     -4   -0.8    7   0

 Receiving             No     Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Evan Schuller         4      55   13.8   23   1
 Josh DeVries          4      37    9.3   12   0
 Robert Woods          1      28   28.0   28   0

Liberty Hill is the big man on campus and having a Hawk team that will be young but talented will be a good time to see where this CL team will stack up as the season starts to mature.

This is also the time when Canyon Lake starts to get their bearings as in previous years with those slow starts, this team will rustle up enough wins to make the playoffs and surprise first round teams that come with a No. 1 seed from their particular district.

Clearing these first three hurdles would be different than those teams in the past as this race (or season) would have a team with a much improved record and then adding how CL has found the light in the latter part of their district quest you would hopefully see a group of young men with a different resolve.

Not like in year’s past where they were hoping to make the playoffs, but a group of players that already have their sights on the next season. The Playoffs.

Go Hawks!!