Game Article, Volleyball | August 15, 2015

CL Hawks Finish 3rd in Tex-Fest Tournament

Hawks zeroing in on another point

Hawks zeroing in on another point

Canyon Lake’s Volleyball team placed 3rd in a 27 team field at Wimerley’s Tex-Fest Tournament.

Y4 Custom Homes  Supports Hawk Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Hawk Volleyball

The Hawks started an early game against Boerne Geneva with two hard fought wins, 25-20 and 28-26.

That first game was nip and tuck as both teams could not get separation finding themselves tied, 10-10.

With a 16-13 lead, Faith Hasness service was able to expand the lead to, 21-14 with two kills from Addison Farley, a block with Emma Gray, and a Hasness ace along with good passing.

In the second game, Canyon Lake and Geneva were tied 10 times, the largest lead for CL was 23-20 with Gray getting the final kill for the win.

Farley and Bailey Drum both chimed in with 12 kills in the Hawks next game against district foe, Cuero.

“We wanted to show our district that we were still here,” Senior Drum said. “It really opened up our net and allowed us to get better sets when we play better defense.”

CL has two good blockers this year with Robinson and the addition of Emma Gray and Drum was mentioning on how their game has helped so far this season.

Canyon Lake would dispose of the Gobblers in two games, 25-20 and 25-17 as each pass and hit was on target during this contest as CL seemed to be awake for their second game.

“We were a little off in the early morning game,” Senior Blocker Alexis Robinson said. “I was able to get some good passes and good set….but we were a little on because we were playing Cuero.”

Robinson was talking about how she had some crisp kills in the game and how much better the team played in their second match with a district opponent.

Regan Mickey continued to run the offense with precision as she amassed 19 assists in this match.

The two wins in the Saturday Pool allowed Canyon Lake to reach the Gold Bracket with three other schools.

Peaster would be the first game for a chance of playing in the Championship game.

Hard luck reared it’s ugly head as Canyon Lake’s Addison Farley had an ankle injury during the warm-ups giving the Hawks a different lineup with one of their leading players watching from the bench.

“I am proud for how our team played solid up to this point,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “We did a good job of stepping up but the loss of Addison (Farley) slowed us down and I told the young ones that they will have to step it up.”

Coach Paisley was responding to loosing Senior Outside Hitter Farley and the time of the loss being right before the first serve of the match with Peaster.

“Everyone needs to be ready to play,” Coach Paisley said while commenting on having no excuses when injuries happen.

The Hawks almost pulled off a first game win when they seized the lead, 26-25 with a chance for a win playing the first game of the match.

Peaster would not fold and scored the next two points for a, 26-28 win and from their the proverbial air had left CL’s balloon as their second game was just not as crisp and Peaster increased their lead to, 12-20 and finished off Canyon Lake’s bid for another game, 25-19.

Canyon Lake had reeled off six straight wins after their opening game loss this season at the hands of Clemens. The 6-2 season record matches last year’s team after the Tex-Fest Tournament.

Now, the Hawks will be playing at home this Tuesday against the Lockhart Lions to get their game back in step as they will bring an, 6-2 record to the Hawk Nest.

 Hawk's Game Stats:
 CL Hawks beat Boerne Geneva; 25-20, 28-26
 Kills:   Bailey Drum  10
 Assists: Regan Mickey 13
 Blocks:  Emma Gray     1
 Digs:    Sam York  7,  Bailey Drum 7
 Aces:    Faith Hasness 2, Drum 2, Alexis Robinson 2

 CL Hawks beat Cuero; 25-20, 25-17
 Kills:   Addison Farley  12,  Bailey Drum    12
 Assists: Regan Mickey    19
 Blocks:  Emma Gray        1
 Digs:    Sam York         6
 Aces:    Alexis Robinson  2

 CL Hawks lost to Peaster; 26-28, 19-25
 Kills:   Bailey Drum  11
 Assists: Regan Mickey 15
 Blocks:  Emma Gray     2
 Digs:    Sam York      7
 Aces:    Gray 1, Drum 1, Wunderlich 1, Robinson 1