Game Article, Volleyball | August 22, 2015

CL Hawks Finish NEISD with 3-5 Record

Hannah Wunderlich ready to finish off what Sam York digs up

Hannah Wunderlich ready to finish off what Sam York digs up

Canyon Lake Hawks finish NEISD with win over SA Lee as they will enter their last phase of non-district games in a couple of weeks.

“We finished the tournament with a 3-5 record and we had some great games even though we lost some,” Head Coach Kim Paisley said. “The type of teams we played, we will not see that type of team for the rest of this season.”

Coach Paisley had a reason for her optimism with the Hawks record as each team played was in the largest private school size or a 6A school.

In that last game with Lee the Hawks took control and had just one or two bad spells. But those spells were outnumbered resulting in the win, 25-15 and 25-19.

Y4 Custom Homes  Supports Hawk Volleyball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Hawk Volleyball

“This tournament had the higher caliber of teams and they showed the whole package,” Coach Paisley finished.

The Hawks trailed in that first game, 3-5 when Sam York helped serve a rally of 5 points to get a lead that would not be threatened for the rest of that first game.

Addison Farley matched York’s 5 point serve helping CL to increase the lead to 7 points, 16-9.

A 9-6 finish ended the first game with a 10 point win and helped give enough momentum to carry the next game after a tiring 3 game day at Johnson High School.

York led in digs and service aces in the contest as the Junior continues to improve as the season matures.

“I played club and now I am more comfortable and that has helped my game a lot,” York started. “We are more like a team as we have bonded during the first part of the season with all of these games.”

Canyon Lake had 8 games in the last three days as it will not slow down with a game in Fredericksburg next Tuesday before the Hawks head to San Marcos next week on Thursday and Saturday.

Friday is not an off day however, as CL will host Blanco on Friday before the start of football season against that same opponent.

“It helps in playing bigger schools and it helps us know what we can handle,” York said.

Canyon Lake will certainly use a tournament like this to ready themselves for district play which will become a lot more important than what that record was on this jaunt into San Antonio.

Go Hawks!!

 Game Stats and Leaders
 CL Hawks lose to Plano St. Paul: 25-20, 24-26, 23-25
 Aces:    Hannah Wunderlich  3
 Kills:   Bailey Drum       11
 Assists: Regan Mickey      20
 Blocks:  Emma Gray          2
 Digs:    Sam York          16

 CL Hawks lose to SA Madison: 15-25, 22-25
 Aces:    Farley, Hasness, Drum, and Wunderlich  1
 Kills:   Bailey Drum        7
 Assists: Regan Mickey      11
 Blocks:  Bailey Drum        1
 Digs:    Addison Farley     9

 CL Hawks beat SA Lee: 25-15, 25-19
 Aces:    Sam York           2
 Kills:   Bailey Drum       11
 Assists: Regan Mickey      13
 Blocks:  Faith Hasness      1
 Digs:    Sam York           6

 CL Hawks Record 10-7