Coaches Corner, Football | August 25, 2015

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Hosea Stredic

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Hosea Stredic

Head Coach Hosea Stedic

Head Coach Hosea Stedic

The ReSporter will be having a weekly Coaches Corner with Coach Stredic this season as this will be an interesting time getting to know the ‘New’ Head Coach of BCS…hope you enjoy the talks.

The ReSporter: Coach Stredic, tell us how many years you have been coaching and where you were stationed.

Coach Stredic: “I have been coaching for 20 years now and the whole time I have been in El Paso….Faith Christian from 1994 to 1997, I coached at Jesus Chapel and then on to Bethel Christian till 2011. I went back to Faith Christian and that is where I was coaching when I took the Bracken position.”

The ReSporter: Have you had this type of experience when you start at a school with a team this young?

Coach Stredic: “Yes, it was at Bethel and that year was where everyone wanted to schedule your team for their homecoming game. So we had a homecoming season…but we had a whole bunch of freshman and finished the season, 9-3.”

The ReSporter: That turned out to be a decent year for Bethel.

Coach Stredic: “We only had 7 players and only one of those players was a senior, but were in excellent condition and we went no-huddle. I believe in conditioning.”

The ReSporter: Now it is making sense when I talked to the 3 players after last week’s scrimmage and they all mentioned on how out of shape they were starting practice.

Coach Stredic: “I call it 11-man conditioning, since 6-man is a whole different type of game.”

The ReSporter: So what are your thoughts on where this team is before your opener this Friday?

Coach Stredic: “I deal with the western system and have the team learn a little at a time and the when we reach district we are working all of our system.”

The ReSporter: Then based on that philosophy, you really don’t care what your record is during the non-district part of your schedule.

Coach Stredic: “That is correct, yes, I would like to win all of our games, but how you do in district is really the most important part of the season and if you don’t do well when district starts, then it really did not do any good to have an no loss first part of your season.”

The ReSporter: So this team is where you want them to be right now?

Coach Stredic: “This is a process and right now they will get new stuff and we will work up to having 4 tight and 4 spread offensive schemes.”

The ReSporter: Since you are playing 6-man, this system sounds like you are playing basketball with a lot of different things you can do on the field.

Coach Stredic: “Most coaches will want to see tapes of your game and they might pick one portion of our offense, but they will actually need to be ready for everything when they play us….That is why I said we would be a straight up football team this Friday, because we will not have all of our offense in place yet…we will do a little each week.”

The ReSporter: So, how will you prepare for Temple Holy Trinity?

Coach Stredic: “We had a mess up this week with our film and so neither team has film since we did not have a chance to share our scrimmage since it would have been unfair for us to have theirs when ours was not ready. So, I don’t know their personel and that is why we will be just straight up offensively.”

The ReSporter: Your offense sounds like it might be able to confuse opposing teams with four different types of formations.

Coach Stredic: “In this part of Texas they don’t see what we run so winning now is not important at all…but sometimes it would not mean anything if the final result does not get us further in district play.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach for your time, this will be a fun time to see what happens each week this season and good luck against Temple.