Coaches Corner, Football | August 25, 2015

Coaches Corner with the Hawk’s Charley Drum

Coaches Corner with Canyon Lake’s Charley Drum

Canyon Lake's Head Coach Charley Drum

Canyon Lake’s Head Coach Charley Drum

The ReSporter will be having a weekly Coaches Corner with Coach Drum this season and hopes that this will be an informative time in understanding that week’s game and other information.

The ReSporter: Hey Coach, thanks for spending time with me and I have questions for your upcoming game….you have heard how much a team will improve from the first game to the second game in a season. Can you also say that your improvement is measurable from the last scrimmage to the first game?

Coach Drum: “Actually, this is different because a scrimmage has the coaches out on the field and we cannot be on the field during a game. A scrimmage is also a controlled game with so many plays for offense and defense. Even the half we played live has a running clock, so there are too many variables between a scrimmage and game situations.”

The ReSporter: So, that would be hard to compare in those situations…

Coach Drum: “This will be a lot of our kids playing for the first time against a team that has older players and they have played games with the same age group. You can’t judge their endurance and we can’t judge with the naked eye….you always want to improve but you will not find out how good they will be until things are on the line and this Friday they will be playing, good on good.”

The ReSporter: What do you mean by the, good on good statement?

Coach Drum: “They are no longer lined up against the second team, they will be playing the first team now.”

The ReSporter: What are you thoughts about this upcoming game with Blanco?

Coach Drum: “We have been practicing well but we don’t find out about people until they get hit in the mouth and we will just find out this Friday.”

The ReSporter: We have seen where Canyon Lake has averaged 11 points per game with Blanco, how will or can you change that? As it puts a lot of pressure on your defense.

Coach Drum: “Yes it does….Blanco is a tradition rich program that is used to winning…they played 15 games last year and they play great defense….we have changed our line-up in the past after facing Blanco and that is what happened last year.”

The ReSporter: What was changed last season?

Coach Drum: “We did not play that first game very well in the line and we had to make changes after last year’s game.”

The ReSporter: What other tidbits will be on stage this coming Friday?

Coach Drum: “The intensity will step up and we will have to rely on our veterans helping our inexperience players to play well against Blanco.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, is there a magic shot you can give the players to keep from having a slow start?

Coach Drum: “Not that I know of…”